Hundreds of foreigners were taking pension without entitlement

The work of the financiers of the Provincial Command of Rovigo continues, who reported to the competent public prosecutors 100 Romanian citizens, who unduly received the Citizenship Pension despite not having the requirement of “residence” provided for by Law 26/2019. The press release of the provincial command of the Guardia di Finanza gives the news.

“Continuing on an already consolidated investigative path in the matter of Citizenship Income – the explanation continues – the Fiamme Gialle have identified further positions of subjects who have irregularly resorted to the now widespread system characterized by the malicious awareness that the entire procedure for requesting the subsidy was based on a system of self-certifications, the so-called DSU (Single Substitute Declaration), containing inaccurate or false data “.

“The Financiers of Tenenza di Occhiobello and the Rovigo Group, by relating all the information coming from the approximately 100 databases available, examined the position of a large audience of people who had access to the Citizenship Pension intended for families made up only of over 67 years old or also of younger members if disabled or not self-sufficient. The measure of the Citizenship Pension, unlike the equivalent Citizenship Income, represents a “permanent” support measure that can only lapse with the loss of the requisites (death of the recipient or loss of residence in the territory of the State) “.

“Proceeding in the analysis process, the financiers have intercepted numerous illicit conducts put in place by an audience of people who have made false statements in order to illegally obtain support. The particular activity performed made it possible to detect the presence of subjects who have “instrumentally” taken up their registered residence in the territory of the Italian State in the vicinity of the request for obtaining a Citizenship Pension. Following the intersection of the information found, it was possible to ascertain the detection of the lack of the prescribed requirements and, therefore, the undue perception of the benefit in question, as the systematic “non” correspondence to the truth of the declarations and information emerged form the basis of the application for admission to the Citizenship Pension (have resided in Italy for at least 10 years, the last 2 of which continuously) “.

“In this context, an audience of 100 people was identified who, for their illegal conduct, were reported to various national public prosecutors for the crime referred to in Article 7, paragraph 1, of Legislative Decree no. 4/2019, converted with amendments by Law No. 26 March 28, 2019. In order to prevent the crime from being aggravated and led to further consequences, the issue of preventive seizure decrees was requested, pursuant to art. 321, paragraph 2, cpp, of the POSTAMAT cards – Citizenship Pension and the relative outstanding sums, for a value corresponding to the unduly received Pdc, for a total of 311,703.74 euros “.

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“From the point of view of ‘prevention’, a saving in public spending for the 100 recipients of approximately € 7,680,000 has been estimated, calculated on the” average life expectancy “of the recipients, as per the Istat indices (82 years), compared to the average annual amount received (approximately € 7,560) and the average age of the same. For the purposes of revocation and forfeiture of the benefit to the persons reported, the required “report” accompanied by all the elements acquired has already been promptly forwarded to the local INPS offices “.

“Since the beginning of the year, the number of people reported by the Provincial Command of Rovigo has risen to 192, with an established fraud for about € 1,000,000 and savings for the tax authorities of about € 8,500,000. The controls of the Guardia di Finanza continue with perseverance to protect the interests of the State and the community, ensuring that the public resources allocated to deal with the economic emergency of those in economic difficulty are correctly intended for those who possess the requisites imposed by Italian law “.