Hundreds of people wrote to Gabi Tóth after her post about looking for a babysitter to offer their help

They found the perfect helper who can take care of Hannaróza sometimes.

Gabi Toth reported on her blog earlier this week how difficult it is to find a babysitter to take care of their little girl from time to time while she and her husband with Gábor Krausz they work. He had been looking for many weeks, but he could not find the right manpower, because the candidates set unrealistic conditions, and it also happened that he was asked for a salary of six hundred thousand forints.

On Friday morning, the singer revealed in a story on her Instagram, available for 24 hours, that the problem was solved. In the past few days, he received a lot of letters from people who offered their help, so they managed to find the perfect helper. In fact, so many people have applied for the position that you can even babysit your friends.

Nice people! Thank you very much for the – I’m not exaggerating – hundreds of emails I received after my last blog post about the babysitter couple. Many, many of you wrote to help Rosacea of ​​Hanna to take care Honestly, this was not the main purpose of my blog post, but it was very nice that so many of you wrote. We found the right helper. However, so many of you have written that, with your permission, I would also offer your help to my friends who are struggling with the same problem, if you are involved. Because if so many of you have already written, then surely there are others who would be interested

said Gabi Tóth.