After being cleared of terrorist groups more than three months ago, the cities of Rastan and Talbisa in the province of Homs in central Syria, the return of hundreds of people to their homes, as indicated by “Russia Today.”
“About 1.5 thousand residents of Rastan have returned to their homes after the liberation of the city from armed groups,” said a member of the city council of the city of Rastan.
He added that most of the houses in the city need to be renovated and that “about 70% of houses are destroyed and unfit for housing.”
According to local sources, before the crisis, the city had about 10,000 inhabitants, most of whom were forced to flee to Damascus and Idlib in northern Syria and others to escape the militants.
In Talbessa, a member of the city council said that the city witnessed the return of more than half of its population after the liberation of the militants, adding: “There was in the city under the control of the gunmen about 5 thousand civilians, and after the liberation of the insurgents saw the return of more than 12 thousand civilians 7 thousand Of whom recently returned to their homes. ”
The official pointed out that the city has been subjected to extensive destruction of infrastructure, and that the competent authorities are currently taking the necessary measures to restore life and provide the necessary services and necessary repair.
Rastan and Talbessa were freed from the militants under a Russian-sponsored settlement agreement in mid-May. The Syrian flag was re-raised in the two cities and state agencies resumed their work there amid a large welcome from the locals.


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