Hundreds of Russian Tanks Knock in Ukraine, Expert: Design Flaws


Ukraine and military experts say Russia have lost hundreds tank so far. Spread on social media how Russian tanks damaged and piled on the streets of Ukraine. What causes Russian tanks to become easy targets?

Indeed, Ukraine has received advanced anti-tank missile assistance, especially from the United States and Britain. Missiles like the Javelin are capable of destroying Russian tanks effectively.

However, it is suspected that there are other factors. As quoted detikINET from CNN, military observers said there could be technical issues in the design of the Russian tank.

Reportedly, the western military has known for a long time that Russian tanks have flaws in their design that make them vulnerable to fire and explosion.

Russian tanks generally store their ammunition in the vault, where the crew is also there, usually two soldiers. Well, if tank If it is hit by a missile, the ammunition in its dome is very vulnerable to explode.

Even if the missile hits another part, it can still reach the dome and blow it up entirely.

“What we saw in the Russian tank was a design flaw. A successful shot quickly ignited fire and caused a massive explosion and the dome was destroyed,” said Sam Bendett, adviser to the Russia Studies Program.

Thus, tank it could be destroyed and the crew on board was killed. Nicholas Drummond, a defense industry analyst and former British soldier, said that if the crew didn’t get out when the tank was hit, they would die quickly.

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