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Hungarian Bosch has announced a major e-car development

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The project has developed technical solutions for next-generation circulators and engine cooling fan units in the automotive cooling circuit to meet the requirements of future electric or hybrid vehicles. As a result of the development, the duration of the longer-life testing required for these has been significantly reduced.

In addition to technological advances, the project has resulted in the creation of new R&D capabilities and competencies related to electromobility for the members of the consortium, as well as the purchase of new tools and equipment. In addition, the project provided an opportunity for professionals to work in new research areas in Miskolc, and the planned series production of next-generation products in Miskolc can be realized with direct engineering support and the factory can play a leading role in the future in the world.

Robert Bosch Energy and Body Systems Ltd. is not only the Bosch Group, but also the leading automotive company in the region, one of the main employers in the region, which in addition to manufacturing automotive components and electric drives also performs high value-added activities such as research and development.

The Hungarian company was founded in the summer of 2003. The company’s sales revenue in 2020 was HUF 354.6 billion, it invested HUF 8.8 billion and spent almost HUF 2 billion on research and development. The automotive company Bosch Miskolc employs 2,700 people.

The Bosch Group is one of the largest foreign industrial employers in Hungary, employing more than 15,500 people in Hungary, as a close strategic partnership of nine independent companies.

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