Hungarian section of this year’s Ignite program

Windows 11 will also be discussed, among many other new features, at this year’s Microsoft Ignite International Developers Conference, which will take place in cyberspace from November 2-4, 2021. Those who cannot attend the three days of the event can listen to a summary. for half an hour of the most important news in expert interpretation from Microsoft Hungary. The Hungarian language section will be on November 3 from 4: 30-5pm. However, you can register now!

Windows 11 was available in early October, but we don’t know much about it yet. It will be again from November 2-4 Microsoft IgniteMicrosoft International Developer Annual Conference.

Speakers include Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, Scott Guthrie, the company’s executive vice president of cloud technology and artificial intelligence, or James Phillips, CEO of the Digital Transformation Platform. There will be hybrid workflows, next-generation business solutions, cloud technology innovations, and cybersecurity solutions. As usual: there will be coaching, expert advice and opportunities to meet and build relationships.

For the first time this year, Microsoft Hungary will also join the event with the Hungarian language section, where you can discuss what was said on Ignite with Hungarian experts. The in Hungary department Starting at midnight on November 3, Microsoft Hungary experts will summarize at the Ignite conference the developments that are of particular interest to the Hungarian market. Cluster participants “Everything you wanted to know about Ignite, but you (won’t have) time to listen” from Microsoft Hungary, Gabriela Chanak, COO, Zoltán Kis, Head of Cloud Business, Developer Zsolt Török, will join one of the partners company key., CEO of KingSol Zrt. The speakers, of course, will also be happy to answer questions from the participants.

The event will also be a good opportunity to meet members of the local audience. You should save the date on your calendar now! Register for the event Here maybe.