Hunt down the pool slasher for a fun water park. disguised as a customer Take action and hurriedly escape back with a wet body.

Hunt down the pool slasher for a fun water park. disguised as a customer Surveillance camera captures images after taking action and then hurries back while wet. You take pity on those who want to come and play in the water on the last day.

from the case of a fun water park Samut Prakan Province being by the unwholesome cut the pool causing the pool to burst property damage until unable to open the service on the last day before closing the business Including the water in the pool flooded nearby communities.

Khun Lek, the owner of the aforementioned water park, said that it was originally scheduled to open for the last day on May 16, but at around 6:30 p.m. on May 15, 65, there were people who didn’t hope well. Use sharp objects to destroy things. both pool and toys

Since opening the water park has never happened like this before. Opened for 5 years, very much came to pull stuff. but never like this is causing a lot of damage

The next day that intended to open the last day was damaged. The seller has all the items ready for sale. Because there will be a lot of people open because it’s the last day. The child cried and wanted to come and play in the water. We saw it and suffered. I feel pity for tears as well. It’s clogged.

As for the behavior of the criminals from the CCTV disguised as a customer play in the water for a while come up and cut the pool and went to cut the toys And then fled back without taking a shower.

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Initially, Mr. Lek reported to the Samrong Nuea Police Station. Samut Prakan Province The report is now under investigation. I want the police to track down the wrong people. If someone dies that day or something happens, it will be messy. because the pool is so big