Hunt for Red October director reflects on his work with Sean Connery

John McTiernan reflects on his work with the late Sean Connery during the filming of his 1990 jack ryan suspended The Hunt for Red October. The Hunt for Red October It was the first of the Tom Clancy Jack Ryan novels to be adapted into a major Hollywood movie. The story follows Ramius (Connery), a Soviet submarine captain, as he defies orders and heads straight for the US in a new undetectable sub, leaving Ryan (Alec Baldwin) and the CIA scrambling to determine his true identity. intentions.

Connery was already a well-established actor at the time of The Hunt for Red October releasehaving starred in movies like Six 007 Films, A bridge far away The Untouchablesy Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The Hunt for Red October was a hit, earning mostly positive reviews from critics and grossing over $200 million at the worldwide box office. The film would ultimately mark the only time Baldwin or Connery had appeared in a Jack Ryan film, and the franchise was rebooted just two years later with Harrison Ford in the title role. Connery, of course, continued to have a successful acting career after the film’s release and passed away in 2020 at the age of 90.

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In a new interview with The Empire Movie Podcast, red october Director McTiernan reflects on his time filming with Connery, explaining that he was actually initially scared of the actor because of his reputation for being difficult to work with. However, McTiernan reveals that those feelings passed quickly and he calls Connery “tremendous professional.” The director goes on to explain that Connery was interested in working with people who had new ideas, and since McTiernan was shooting the movie in a somewhat innovative way, the two “We had a great time” in the set. Check out McTiernan’s full comment below:

It was good. He didn’t take fools easily, but you tried not to be a fool and then you got along. Yeah, he scared me at first, because of his reputation or whatever, but about the second day I worked with him, at the end of the day he was like, ‘Goodnight, kid.’ And, you know, from my family that was a kindness, a love, actually. And I knew he was fine. Sean was a tremendous professional. He was really very good. He paid a lot of attention to her and loved movies, [he was] Good at it!

And he liked being around people who had new ideas. And we were moving the camera in a way that no American was doing at the time. And we built scenes in ways that no American did. I never photographed master, medium and close-up, I had a moving camera all the time. The camera was an active storyteller in the stories and he loved that, he loved doing that because it was new. Something he had never done before, never seen. And he just ate that and had a lot of fun doing it. We had a great time doing it. And he was a tough old bird.”

While there are conflicting reports about whether the james link It was really hard to work with a star, McTiernan’s comment suggests that, as long as you weren’t a “fool”, Connery was a consummate professional. McTiernan’s experiences with Connery are not unlike Michael Bay’s recollections of his own time on set with Connery for The rock, with the director previously recalling feeling similarly intimidated. However, like McTiernan, Bay fondly recalls his time with Connery, explaining that while the star may have been a little tough on the outside, he was also anything but professional.

Although it is easy to see how someone who “do not suffer fools“He could develop a reputation for being a bit difficult to work with, it would seem that Connery had respect for his work and the people who help bring it to life. The Hunt for Red October it’s one of dozens of memorable roles Connery took on throughout his long and successful career. While Connery may no longer be around to make movies, stories about the actor continue to provide new ways to appreciate existing classics of him.

Source: The Empire Movie Podcast