Hunt the Kulve Taroth with 16 fighters in Monster Hunter World’s 2nd DLC


Monster Hunter World Already this week brings out a big update that brings a new Dragon Elder and a new quest area. In the Eldorado Caves, you will hunt the golden Kulve Taroth. In addition, you will be able to complete the quest with a total of 16 players.
Capcom will release Monster Hunter World’s second big DLC ​​on Thursday, April 19th. This is full of new content and is completely free.
The new content update includes:
A new dragon elder, the Kulve Taroth
A new quest area, the Eldorado Caves
New equipment for hunters and Palico
Relic weapons as a reward
New, golden traces
A new Siege Quest quest in which you compete with 16 players
New delivery requests that have cosmetic armor as rewards
“Quality of Life” enhancements
The second free update comes on April 19th – Here is the trailer

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New Siege Quest: Hunt down Kulve Taroth with up to 16 players at once
You will be able to work together in a whole new kind of siege quest to win the Golden Dragon Elder. All players in the assembly hall can work together in this quest. There are 4 groups of 4 players in the venue, giving a total of 16 players who can work together.
This is how the new siege quest works:
All 16 hunters can collect the traces of Kulve Taroths
Together, you destroy the Dragon Elder’s parts and reduce their energy
So everyone helps with the investigation of the Kulve Taroths and increases the chances of success and the rewards
When the monster’s horns are destroyed, the Kulve Taroth is defeated
Even if a foreign hunter group makes the final strike, all the contributors receive a reward
There are also new Relic Weapons as a reward from this quest.

Quest for the new monster: “Banquet in the Earthen Hall” – Collect golden tracks to unlock
Kulve Taroth encounters players in the quest “Banquet in the Earthen Hall,” which is available from Hunter Rank 16. In optional quests and investigations, you encounter golden traces after the update. If you collect enough, the quest will be unlocked.
This is so far known about the golden Kulve Taroth:
Four decades ago, members of the first fleet were able to secure the elite kelve Kulve Taroth for the first time. Now is the time to examine it more closely. He wraps his huge body in gleaming metal, and the Eldorado caves are almost as immersed in gold that Kulve Taroth has gathered over a long time.
Its ecology and coat change with each occurrence, so a careful examination is necessary. In the depths of the caves a source of strong geothermal energy is hidden. Here one suspects Kulve Taroths nest.
This is known so far about the Eldorado Caves:
The El Dorado Caves are a special network of caves formed and influenced by both the Eternal Stream and the Kulve Taroth minerals collected. The nest area of ​​the Kulve Taroth, as yet undiscovered, is said to be in the deepest regions of the caves, from which unbelievable amounts of geothermal energy emanates.

New Alpha and Beta armor for Palico and Hunter
Materials collected through the Kulve Taroth Quest can be used to craft new Alpha and Beta armor sets, as well as equipment for the Palico.
Armor set: Kulve Taroth α

Armor set: Kulve Taroth β

In addition, playing the quest unlocks new supply requests that allow you to make cosmetic armor and the Palico Samurai set. Cosmetic armor allows one to maintain the skills and attributes of another armor while the appearance changes.

The update will be released on Thursday, April 19, free for the PS4 and Xbox One. What do you say to this DLC?
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