Huntington’s disease: This is how Tess, 46, lives after …

Tess Persson was found to carry the mutated gene that leads to Huntington’s disease.

In January 2007, Tess Persson, 46, was informed that she was carrying the gene for the neurological disease Huntington’s.

– I know a little what I have to expect. At the same time, I can remember how my dad kept his spirits up, never complained and fought to the last.

Here she talks about the symptoms that came on the sly, the day that changed everything – and the future.

– I take every day a little as it comes. It is heavy enough as it is, so the form of the day must decide, says Tess Persson, from Ängelholm, who lives with Huntington.

The disease is inherited autosomally, ie if one of the parents has the disease – a normal gene and a mutated gene – then the probability for both sons and daughters to get the disease is 50 percent. The children who have not received the mutated gene do not get the disease – and do not pass it on either.