«Hurray I’m positive», on the web the word for Covid party among nurses no vax

TREVISO – Covid-party also among nurses to have the Green pass strengthened. In the last period the reports of no-vax healthcare workers who have met positive colleagues with the intention of getting infected, so that they can then be cured, thus avoiding the risk of being suspended. What has already been said by some principals regarding teachers, in short, also applies to health care. The confirmation comes directly from the Treviso Order of Nursing Professions. “We have received several reports of dinners with positive people organized by unvaccinated nurses reveals the president Samanta Grossi with the aim of getting infected, so as to avoid at least temporarily the suspension from the service and the consequent salary cut “.

President Grossi, Covid-parties are therefore a reality among nurses as well.
«Yes, situations of this type have also been reported among some nurses. It was generally a question of dinners organized at the home of friends who had positive results, without respecting the quarantines and isolations ».

Have you filed any complaints?
«Not until now, because there is a real wall of silence. The reports are of a general nature: no one gives the names of the nurses involved in these cases “.

And how do you judge such behavior?
“They are irresponsible and inconceivable. Especially by health professionals. In addition to the enormous health risks of every person who aims to knowingly get infected, the usefulness is not even understood ».

In what sense?
“In the sense that coronavirus vaccination is today an essential requirement for healthcare personnel. Those who become infected can postpone the injection for four months. But then the knot will arise for them anyway. And if there is no valid reason, those who do not undergo the injection are inevitably suspended ».

Some no-vax teachers aim to overcome this period with the hope that then the infections tend to disappear. They are confident that at that point the vaccination obligation will also be revised.
“It may be, but I believe that in the health sector the situation is different. Here we are talking about an essential requirement, in fact. So much so that the Order does not accept new members if they have not vaccinated themselves against Covid. It is difficult to think that in the space of a few months, assuming that the infections decrease, which we all hope, there can be steps backwards on the front of the vaccination obligation ».

How many nurses are on duty in the Treviso area still without a reinforced Green pass?
“Now there are about 800, including USL employees, private structures, retirement homes and freelancers. In the national platform they are not in order: we do not know if they have yet to take the first dose or if they miss the third. What is certain is that they have not completed the compulsory vaccination cycle ».

And will you suspend them all?
“At the moment we have approved the suspension of 140 nurses. Only two or three have changed their minds, vaccinating themselves against Covid. For the rest, we are sending everyone the letter inviting them to comply within five days. But 800 letters are a lot. And consequently we proceed progressively ».