Strong gusts began to blow Saturday night in Portugal, placed on red alert as Hurricane Leslie approaches, who was threatening to be the most powerful to hit the country since 1842, before heading to neighboring Spain.

Hurricane qualified by the experts of "Zombie"As he wandered over the waters of the Atlantic Ocean since September 23, Leslie set sail for the Iberian Peninsula and was to land in the Lisbon area on the night of Saturday to Sunday, moving to the category of "post-tropical storm".

The National Civil Protection Authority has recommended to the population of move away from coastal areas and avoid leaving home, stating that the night from Saturday to Sunday would be the most critical period.

South West

The hurricane should "move at a speed of 60 km / h to the northwest, losing its intensity to pass in the category of post-tropical storm," according to the Portuguese Meteorological Institute.

In Spain Sunday morning

According to the weather records cited by the specialized information sites, Leslie would be Hurricane the powerful to reach Portugal since 1842, and only five hurricanes have arrived in this part of the Atlantic Ocean. In 2017, strong winds and the heat wave brought by Hurricane Ophelia, off Portugal and the Spanish region of Galicia, fueled forest fires that killed some 40 people.

According to a statement issued Saturday by the Spanish meteorological agency Aemet, Leslie will arrive in Spain on Sunday morning, can cause wind gusts of 100 km / h in the west of the country. Spain has been severely hit by heavy rains in Mallorca, where 12 people died in floods on Tuesday.


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