Hurricane, snow and freezing cold: three things to watch out for this week

Monday, October 26, 2020 at 4:00 PM – The last days of October will be hectic continent-wide. Between snowstorms, hurricanes and freezing cold, see what awaits us.

Three things to watch for this week

1- Zeta, the 11th hurricane of the season will make landfall in the United States

Zeta formed over the past weekend in the Caribbean Sea and is our 27th tropical storm, but also the 11th hurricane of the season. It’s a tropical storm again. It is expected to make landfall in Louisiana on Wednesday.

Floods and destructive winds will be possible in its path. While its course may still change, it is expected to twin with a Colorado low and climb back up to the Carolinas by Friday. A high pressure system anchored in Quebec will bring cold and prevent the remains of the hurricane from touching the province. While Zeta will bring mildness to the Southeastern United States, snow will be possible towards the East Coast of the United States.

Zeta is the eleventh hurricane of the season. Only the years 2005 and 1950 saw the formation of more than eleven hurricanes. It will also be the eleventh storm to make landfall in the United States this year. While the old record was nine storms in 1916, 2020 is likely to widen the gap.

In addition, 2020 is approaching the 2005 record for the number of storms.

2- First -30 ° C and plunge of the arctic air mass

The first -30 ° in Canada were recorded this Sunday, October 25 on the Nunavut side at Eureka. Further south, Alberta has recorded lows near -30 ° as well. Quebec has not experienced such extreme temperatures, but the mercury was more than 5 ° below normal.

The lowest mercury was recorded in the United States with -34 ° in Montana. On the same day, Texas recorded an incredible 40 ° mercury! It is a difference of 74 ° over 2,000 km that separated these two states.

At the start of the week, the mass of cold arctic air is still firmly attached to northern Canada and has slipped into Texas. It is also the State that experiences the greatest temperature contrast. While the north records lows below -10 °, highs climb to over 30 ° in the south. In addition, this Monday morning many daily cold records were recorded from Western Canada to the southern United States.

Over the next few days, cold air will dominate, particularly over the center of the continent by the middle of the week, then move east. Quebec will remain below normal for the season until early November. Only the Southeastern United States will be spared by this mass of cold air. From Louisiana to the Carolinas, hot and humid air will dominate with 30 ° possible locally. But the price to pay for this summer heat will be significant, since it is the arrival of a hurricane that favors this rise in temperatures …

3- Snow from Texas to Quebec

This October 26, a depression in Colorado leaves snow from the Rockies to northern Texas! While this is good news for firefighters who have been fighting historic fires in Colorado for several days, it is less so for Texans. In addition, the combination of cold air and a depression left snow over a large majority of Quebec on Monday.

Whether in the southern United States or in Quebec, a snowfall, more than 15 cm, may fall in places by Wednesday. The rise of the remains of Hurricane Zeta will also have to be watched towards the American east coast since the most northerly precipitation may turn to snow.

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