TEXAS, KOMPAS.com – A married couple of more than half a century are reported to have died holding hands on the same day in Texas due to the corona virus.

Reported by CNN, Betty (80) and Curtis Tarpley (79) died together on June 18 with their hands holding each other in the final seconds of their lives.

The son of the two couples, Tim Tarpley reported that Betty showed symptoms of Covid-19 before being taken to Fort Worth’s Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital on June 9.

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While Curtis, also followed was rushed to the same hospital 2 days later.

Tarpley’s team said Betty contacted herself and her sister, saying that she had made peace with her critical condition when her condition continued to decline.

“I shouted, ‘No! I still have a lot to show you in life, I’m not ready!” said the Team as reported CNN.

When the family told Curtis about Betty’s condition, Curtis’s health began to be disrupted.

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Previously Betty and Curtis were placed in separate rooms during treatment, they were then put back together when entering comfort care, a special medical treatment for those who are entering a critical period.

Blake Thorne, a nurse at the ICU said that he had tried his best.

“It seems like uniting them is the right decision,” Throne said as reported by CNN.

Betty reportedly died 20 minutes after being put together in a room with Curtis. While her husband, Curtis died about 45 minutes after Betty.

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Even though they couldn’t talk to each other in the final seconds of their lives, Tarpley believed his parents could still calm each other.

“I honestly think they are very incapable so all they can do is talk to their souls or something, special language that cannot be spoken,” he said.

“They obviously know each other so well that they can communicate without words.”

Meanwhile it is known that the corona virus continues to spread throughout the United States, with more than 2.6 million cases of infection and 127,762 deaths due to Covid-19 disease on Wednesday (1/7/2020), according to New York Times.


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