A 35-year-old man who killed his wife with a hammer and strangulation was sentenced to life imprisonment at the Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court.

The boss of the company, Christopher Kerrell, 35, tried to cover his tracks as he joined a missing spouse for Ms. Hollie Kerrell.

Earlier he had denied killing Mrs. Hollie (28), but on the day of his trial he pleaded guilty.

Kerrell was sentenced to at least 25 years in prison before being sentenced to probation.

Christopher Kerrell had recently been alienated from his wife, Hollie Kerrell, when he visited his home in Knighton, Powys, on April 22 this year.

During this visit, he received a hammer from the garden shed and brought it into the house, where he hit it on the back of the head and then strangled it.

Kerrell tied his wife's body in old clothes and sheets of plastic bag before dropping them into a flat land grave.

One court heard him push her body into the trunk of his Vauxhall Astra while his three small children sat in the background.

Then he used a tractor and dug a grave on a remote land of his family.

Kerrell was seen the next day near some of his family's remote fields in Whitton.

Hollie's body was found buried in a nearby field.

Hollie and Christopher Kerrell had been married for five years and had three children together.

Through his brutal actions, Christopher Kerrell robbed a young woman and three children of her mother.

Kerrell took considerable steps to cover up what he had done by pretending to have missed Hollie while he covered up the body and disposed of her clothes and cellphone.

After a thorough investigation by the Dyfed Powys police, the CPS cited a convincing case, culminating in a culpable murder investigation.

Our thoughts remain with Hollie's family and friends as they proceed from the conclusion of the lawsuit.

– Christine Jones, prosecutor

In a sacrificial declaration, Hollie's mother Claire Heaney Kerrell said he had taken her soulmate and cut her heart out.

Because of you, I had to tell my grandchildren that her mom was dead and dad was in prison because he hurt her mother so much that she died.

You have taken my soulmate away from me and worked out my heart.

They've changed the axis my world has turned in, I'll never get over it.

– Testimony of the victim, Hollie Kerrell's mother Claire Heaney

Judge Gordon Morris said, "When he hit her with a hammer and strangled her, Christopher Kerrell wanted to kill his wife."

The judge, who has incarcerated him for at least 25 years, said Kerrell "made concerted and calculated efforts to convince Hollie's family and friends that she was still alive."

You have known all along what you have done, and you used to find yourself guilty.

– Judge Judge Stephen Morris



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