MIAMI – Lewis Bennett pleaded guilty in a court of law Florida of his wife's involuntary manslaughter, the Colombian Isabella Hellmann, during a trip through the Caribbean on her catamaran and after having given her missing in 2017 after a supposed shipwreck.

According to court documents, Bennet, who also faced the charge of second-degree murder, pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter before Judge Federico Moreno.

The court scheduled for January 10, 2019 the sentence of Bennett, who is British-Australian

The defendant had reported to the authorities that his wife, 41, had disappeared on May 14, 2017 when both shipwrecked 48 kilometers from the Bahamas.

Bennett was found a day later safe, aboard the emergency boat, and reported that his boat had been hit by an unknown object and that during the emergency he did not know where his wife was, whom he last saw the night before. accident.

The FBI said an inspection of the catamaran before it sank revealed damage that could have been intentional.

The couple had been together for four years, had a nine-month-old daughter and lived in Delray Beach, north of Miami.

On the catamaran, the authorities found valuable silver and gold coins that had been stolen on a yacht on the Caribbean island of San Martin in which he had worked as an officer in 2016, and later in his house another batch of booty.

Bennett, who pleaded last November guilty of transporting and smuggling that stolen money, claimed a short time after Helmann's disappearance a "document of presumption of death " of it, but in Florida it must be five years before a missing person is declared legally dead.

The search for Hellmann, who was a real estate agent, was suspended by the Coast Guard on May 18, four days after his disappearance.



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