Hwang Moo-seong “I don’t know, but I paid for it”… Suspicion of ‘forgery’ in the Daejang-dong competition guidelines

Enter 2021-10-28 15:38 | Edited 2021-10-28 17:38

▲ Former Seongnam Urban Development Corporation president Hwang Moo-seong enters the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office in Seocho-gu, Seoul to investigate the witnesses on the afternoon of the 24th. ⓒYonhap News

It was revealed that the guidelines for the Daejang-dong project, which was improvised to drive profits from the development project in Hwacheon Daeyu Asset Management, have been largely revised since February 6, 2015, when Hwang Moo-seong, the first president of Seongnam Urban Development Corporation, resigned. In addition, it is known that the circumstance of manipulation, such as ‘change the cover’ of the payment document, is also suspected in this process.

The Seoul Shimbun reported on the 28th, “At the time of Hwang’s tenure as former president, the ‘50% Profit Guarantee’ method for Seongnam Pottery was included in the competition guidelines, but 7 days after he resigned, it was changed to the ‘Business profit of 182.2 billion won fixed’ method. announced,” he said.

According to the newspaper, Seongnam Urban Development Corporation even proceeded with the change as if former president Hwang had finally approved the change. Former president Hwang said that he did not know about this fact in the past, but he came to know about it while attending the investigation authorities recently. This means that some kind of manipulation has been detected.

The police and prosecutors are investigating the matter, believing that it was made in a way that only the contents were changed while leaving only the cover that Hwang had originally approved for the original bill.

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Hwang Moo-seong, “It’s the first time I’ve seen unreported changes… It seems like someone changed the back part”

Regarding the change in the profit distribution structure of the Daejang-dong development project on the 27th, former president Hwang said, “During the inspection of the police and police, I first saw changes that had not been reported in the past, and I was treated as the final approver. I doubt that someone changed the back part,” he told the Seoul Shimbun.

“At the time of the resignation, Seongnam Urban Development Corporation was confirmed in a way that 50% of the development profits in Daejang-dong were guaranteed,” said former president Hwang. I knew it, but when I saw the data the investigative agency showed me, it was changed.”

It means that Seongnam Urban Development Corporation was able to earn at least 350 billion won in profits if it followed the guidelines of the competition that former president Hwang approved before his retirement.

However, after the resignation of former president Hwang, the public offering guidelines were changed, and accordingly, the company fixed its profits at 182.2 billion won. The development profit shared by seven private developers, including Kim Man-bae, a major shareholder of Hwacheon Daeyu, exceeds 404 billion won.

Prosecutors and the police conspired with former Seongnam Urban Development Corporation planning division head Yoo Dong-gyu to drive out the Daejang-dong development project as he intended, and then conspired with Jeong Min-yong, then head of the strategic business team, to create a profit-sharing structure in favor of Hwacheon Daeyu. I suspect it’s changed.

Legal circle “Replacement of document contents is ‘falsification of private documents’… It is a crime”

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In this regard, lawyer Lee Heon, who served as the chairman of the Korea Legal Aid Corporation, said, “This is a forgery that is no different from forgery,” said Lee Heon, a former president of the Korea Legal Aid Corporation. crime,” he explained.

“It doesn’t seem like anyone did,” said Lee, who pointed out, “This is probably the part that Lee Jae-myung was most concerned about at the time of Seongnam Mayor. .

Lawyer Lee also said, “It must have been an internal deliberation meeting and the process of (approval content changed) was also reported.” highly rated

Lee Jae-myung’s side “Moo-seong Hwang has already made a normal payment before resigning”

In this regard, Rep. Park Chan-dae, a spokesperson for the candidate’s camp, issued a statement on the 27th and said, “Ex-President Hwang discussed the guidelines for the private business competition for the Daejang-dong-Industrial Industrial Complex No. It has been revealed that the payment has already been made normally.” He said, “I need to explain whether or not former president Hwang was forced to resign because he was afraid that something unpleasant would happen in relation to the approval of the Daejang-dong development project competition guidelines during his tenure as president of the corporation.” claimed that