Hyperloop: the Toulouse test track is taking shape


After Las Vegas and California, Hyperloop will soon be tested in Toulouse. Since Wednesday, the Californian company Hyperloop TT receives the first tubes of the track of tests that it wants to develop on its new Toulouse-Francazal site . Arrived Wednesday night from Spain where they were manufactured by Haizea Group, these first three sections of 20 meters long, 65 tons and an internal diameter of 4 meters, will be used to build a closed test track of 320 meters, expected to be operational in 2018. Thirteen more tubes will be delivered in the coming weeks. For passengers and freight Launched in 2013 by Elon Musk, the boss of Tesla and SpaceX , the Hyperloop research program relies on levitating capsules in pressure-based tubes at a speed of up to 1,200 km / h. On its Toulouse site, Hyperloop TT indicates that a second life-size system will be installed over a distance of 1 km and raised by pylons at a height of 5.8 meters. This track also designed for the transport of passengers and freight, should be completed in 2019. The full size passenger capsule, currently being finished in Spain in the Carbures workshops, is expected to be delivered this summer in Toulouse for final assembly, said Thursday HyperloopTT in a statement. In January 2017, the company formalized its arrival in Toulouse, on the former Francazal airbase, which has become a transportation hub for the future. First urban circuits under study This R & D center in which HyperloopTT has planned to invest 40 million euros over five years, will also eventually bring incubator of startups working on technologies related to the Hyperloop project. “Today we have agreements in nine countries where we are working on feasibility studies and the implementation of new regulations. Hyperloop is no longer just a concept, it’s a real commercial industry today, “said Bibop Gresta, president and co-founder of the company, in the statement. At the end of February, the Californian company has signed a public-private partnership in the United States to think about a Hyperloop circuit between Cleveland and Chicago . VIDEO – the arrival of the first sections in Toulouse
Reuters source


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