Hyperloop TT starts construction of its test track in Toulouse

Hyperloop TT starts construction of its test track in Toulouse

The train of Hyperloop TT’s future begins to materialize. A year ago, the American company opened a research and development center in Toulouse to carry out the first tests of its transport technology. However, as noted France 3 Occitanie , the first elements of the future test track have just arrived.

Three huge steel tubes 4 meters in diameter were delivered by exceptional convoy on the Toulouse-Francazal airfield to start the construction of a first test track of 320 meters which should be operational by the end year. Moreover, a first capsule of passengers should arrive for the summer. Hyperloop TT wants to create a second runway in 2019, with a length of one kilometer and raised by towers of 5.8 meters. All these material elements are made in Spain, then assembled in Toulouse.

The 30-meter Hyperloop TT capsules can carry between 28 and 40 people at a maximum speed of 1223 km / h. With a departure every 40 seconds, the system could reach a rate of 164,000 passengers per day and per line. Asked by 01net.com a year ago, one of the co-founders of the company, Bibop Gresta , felt that their technology was both “Simple and funky” , to the extent that the capsules are sent into tubes emptied of air with a passive magnetic propulsion, so relatively inexpensive in energy. What remains obviously to be verified. Toulouse also attracts another company of the same kind, Hyperloop Transpod. Originally from Canada, she announced that she wanted to build a Hyperloop line between Toulouse and Montpellier . A feasibility study in partnership with the region is underway.

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