The group Hyphen Hyphen won this year the Victory of the music of the live revelation. – Fanny Schilchter
            Hyphen Hyphen's concert did not go as planned and, to say the least, fans have noticed it. The concert, which was sold out this Friday at
the Olympia, turned to the fiasco. The singer, Santa, collapsed in the middle of the show.

Some spectators asked to be reimbursed, accusing the group of having played back, others left the room during the concert. This is called a complete failure.

"My body has let go"

The group issued a letter of apology on
Twitter this Saturday. "I'm so sorry," writes Health in a handwritten letter. Yesterday under stress and pressure, my body let go. I, who thought so, he betrayed me. He reminded me that I was not a machine. I am human with my faults. It never happened to me in more than 500 concerts ", continues the singer before explaining to have been a victim of discomfort before going on stage. "I had a second discomfort on stage … I'm sorry I scared you," she says.

And, good news for the disappointed public, she indicates to have decided, with her producer, to invite "all the spectators of the Olympia to the Zenith".– HYPHEN HYPHEN (@HYPHENHYPHEN) October 13, 2018


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