Hyrule Warriors Test: Definitive Edition


While the Nintendo Switch has simply experienced a thundering first year, we note that the latter marks a step. No transcendental games, no exclusive exclusives like Breath of the Wild or Super Mario Odyssey … none of that. Well aware of the problem, Nintendo has decided to use the portage card, just to plug the breaches and exploit the catalog of the “damned” Wii U. So, after Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze Country, and pending Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, it’s the turn of Hyrule Warriors to enter the dance in its final edition.

The return of the nag for the third time (This test of Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition was made from a press release offered by the publisher.) In recent years, Omega Force has a great love affair with the adaptation of licenses. Recently, for example, the Switch hosted one of these offspring, a certain Fire Emblem Warriors which, failing to prove original and surprising, delivered a performance in agreement with desideratas of the kind, namely to pulverize hordes of not very smart soldiers while ensuring fan service. For its part, you imagine, Hyrule Warriors is absolutely identical in its concept. Well wrapped up in the famous sheets of fan service, the title of Omega Force and Team Ninja, originally released on Wii U in 2014 and 3DS in 2016 in a more complete version, is a musou in the purest tradition, starting through history, a kind of pretext a delirious strand to bring together all the heroes and antagonists that could be. Ganondorf, who wears Lincoln’s beard and Batman’s cloak, was again sent back to Argentina ( if you do not understand, watch this video ), the world lives in a peaceful time. Only, while her soul had been scattered in 4 fragments sealed in space and time as well as by the sword of the Legend, Cya, a powerful witch, but who does not sing Chandelier …, finds himself at the gates of the castle of Hyrule in the company of an army of monsters. The duel can not be won by the forces of good, everything becomes more dramatic when Zelda disappears without a trace. The rest, you guessed it, no need to draw a picture … Link will put on his outfit of the savior and the player will shoulder him with his allies by beating the buttons of the pad, in a story mixing the different episodes of the saga (Twilight Princess, Ocarina of Time, The Wind Waker, Skyward Sword …). As I said a little earlier, Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition is undoubtedly a Dynasty Warriors-like pure strain, which implies that to appreciate it, one will have to feel able to slay millions of enemies, to release forts and to conquer strategic areas repeatedly, with great reinforcements of combos, without ever balking to accomplish some dynamic objectives asking, unsurprisingly, to more or less beat all that is on the way and forcing to run like crazy through the vast battlefields. Let’s face it, it’s a little redundant in the long run, but as long as you take the game and your heart wanders a bit for The Legend of Zelda, it’s really enjoyable to slaughter shovels of Bokoblins, Sakdoss, Gorons or more powerful enemies like the Darknut, the Lézalfos … on famous places such as the plain of Hyrule, the forest of Firone, the desert Gerudo, the volcano of Ordinn et cætera … Especially more than the signatures do not stop there because to stem the weariness that will not always invite at some point or other during the main story, we must recognize that Omega Force has made every effort to restore Caesar what belongs to Caesar. Thus, in order to vary the action a bit, it will happen that the game is carried by boss battles during which it will be necessary to discover their weak points, directly from their history: the bombs in the mouth of King Dodongo for example … Only downside, they are not enough. “… Hyrule Warriors is above all a production that is meant as a” tribute “to the original material, and that does not neglect its lifetime. ” In the same vein, if the exploration will never be the cup of tea musou, it is not as far as some key items dear to Zelda license, such as boomerang, bombs, bow or ocarina have been forgotten. On the contrary, they are an integral part of the workings and serve to defeat the bosses but also to discover secrets like chests whose music will whisper inevitably some memories, like the soundtrack with remixes more or less good taste. In this way, and undeniably, Hyrule Warriors is above all a production that is meant as a “tribute” to the original material, and that does not neglect its life span either. Since more than thirty missions in the history of this version, a ton of equipment to collect and evolve, skills to obtain through a system of skills tree, also stands on the fringes adventure mode. A hyper-dense mode that offers, in addition to a big tip of nostalgia – its interface is modeled on the Zelda NES -, to explore a world case by box and engage in adventures in which it is appropriate to deliver a quantity of battles and special missions subject to strict rules and rating ranks to collect more bonuses, weapons and playable characters. I will not say more since you can go take a look at our tests of the Wii U edition and of the Legends edition of the 3DS to know everything about Hyrule Warriors. There remains one question: the interest of this version Switch. Catapulted on the front of the stage to occupy a hollow period of the new Nintendo console, it is intended as the most successful since it combines the two existing versions (Wii U and 3DS), thus compiling all the improvements and the contents released until today in DLC, which represents a sacred piece to which is added a simple bonus: Link and Zelda in their outfits Breath of The Wild (a little light while a few levels based on it would have been welcome …). Visual side, if the beast has not greatly evolved compared to the Wii U version except for the sharpness / color and display frequency, the latter just manages to get by with the honors in 1080p and more or less 60fps in docked mode and this, even if it is possible to play two split screen (very complicated approach nomad question visibility and slowdowns). Because inevitably, Switch requires, each with a Joy-Con, it will be possible to beat up by the millions on the same screen and no longer with a player’s head screwed on the Gamepad. Sufficient to invest in this version if you already have one or the other? Not necessarily, everything depends on your sensitivity. In the other case, it remains just a question: as sweet as the content and as respectful of the original material as the beast, will you have the courage to still and always beat up cargo ships and deliver yourself to the same activity for hours and hours? If so, go for it. If, no … forget.


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