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HyunA & E's Dawn cut from their label after confirming the relationship & fans are shocked

Just over a month after HyunA and E & #; Dawn confirmed their relationship, the K-pop stars were released from their record label Cube Entertainment. Read the statement here.

"Cube Entertainment has decided to remove HyunA and Dawn; E & # 39 [from the company,]"The record label announced in a statement on September 13th." In managing our artists, the company has worked with trust and mutual trust as their top priority. After much discussion, it was decided that it is not possible to regain faith with the two artists HyunA and E & # 39; Dawn, so their removal was decided. We sincerely thank the two artists and their fans, who were with us until now. "

This shocking announcement comes just over a month after HyunA and E & # 39; Dawn, who are both part of the group Triple room H, confirms the fans that they are in a relationship, even though they denied it before. "I really wanted to be honest," HyunA wrote on Instagram on August 3. "For the fans who always support me and take care of me, I would like to work on stage with a happy heart, with nothing to hide, as I have always done, thank you, and even if it is not enough just to say I can not put it another way that I love you. "Rumors of a romance between HyunA and E & # 39; Dawn started in 2016, making this confession a long time to come.

The fans were shocked by the announcement from Cube and took Twitter to broadcast their anger over the news. "Lol without Hyuna, CUBE is nothing," wrote one person. "This whole thing is absolutely disgusting," added another. "They came out as a couple, so people could see them as honest people, and instead, they've come to know nothing but insults and now that – a company can make a profit, but it also has to protect its artists."

While Cube Entertainment did not say that the couple's relationship is why they were fired by the company, it is "frowned upon" or K-pop singers to arrange a public appointment, according to bulletin board, Romances often have a negative effect on the careers and public images of the singers, which is why they are mostly held on the DL.

HyunA and E & # 39; Dawn have not commented on Cube Entertainment's decision to let them go.


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