Hyundai Motor Company’s self-driving joint venture, Mosul, ran on the U.S. road without a driver (total)

Input 2021.02.23 08:43 | Revision 2021.02.23 13:22

Hyundai Motor (005380)Mocial, a joint venture between the group and the US autonomous driving startup Aptiv, successfully completed the autonomous driving test without a driver on the general road.

In this month’s test drive in Las Vegas, USA, several unmanned self-driving cars went through intersections, unprotected turns, and crowded roads with pedestrians and cyclists. In general, safety personnel board the driver’s seat for route confirmation and emergency stop in the pilot driving of an unmanned autonomous vehicle, but safety personnel did not intervene in this momentary test drive.

Over the years, Motive has developed unmanned autonomous driving technology, tested 1.5 million miles (about 2.43 million km) in advance, and put in hundreds of thousands of personnel and went through a self-safety evaluation process of more than 100,000 hours and two years. MOTIONAL has been verified by TÜV SÜD, a global testing and certification body with extensive experience in evaluating the technology of unmanned autonomous vehicles. In November of last year, it received a permit from the state of Nevada to test unmanned autonomous vehicles on public roads.

During several months of preliminary evaluation, TUV experts reviewed in-depth interviews of Motive employees, safety structure design evaluation, test procedure and result analysis, test procedure evaluation, personnel qualifications and competence, etc. Null has obtained the general road driving test certification. In the process, Mocial has traveled a distance that can round the Earth multiple times, and has been tested for 1.5 million miles in a variety of road environments, cities and vehicle platforms.

“Motional’s technology has been achieved through decades of innovation, constant safety efforts, millions of miles of test driving, and rigorous external verification,” said Karl Iagnemma, CEO of Motal. “The trial run on public roads will be an important turning point for safe, reliable and economical driverless vehicles.”

On the other hand, from 2023, Motive will introduce the largest fully unmanned autonomous driving service with Lift, an American vehicle-sharing company. Since last year, MOTIONAL has been providing robotic taxi services to lifts to commercialize the technology of unmanned autonomous vehicles. MOTIONAL and LIFT operate the world’s longest commercial robot taxi service and provided more than 100,000 boarding services without a single breakdown or accident.



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