Hyundai plans to launch hydrogen-powered buses Hyundai is planning to launch hydrogen-powered buses, Hyundai plans to launch hydrogen-powered buses.

Hyundai Motor announced that it will launch commercial vehicles and buses running hydrogen fuel cells.

Hyundai's innovative commercial vehicles, city buses and long distance commuters are expected to help protect the environment and maintain air purity while driving on the roads.

These buses and vehicles operating in hydrogen fuel cells can be shipped in just 15 minutes and can reach 460 kilometers of driving, about six and a half times the efficiency of other battery-powered mass transit vehicles currently available on the market.

"Since our launch of the compact natural gas bus in 2000, our efforts in the field of sustainability have proven to be an important part of our business," said Tony Kim, Hyundai's regional president of commercial vehicles in Africa and the Middle East. And we have always been able to take the lead in meeting the global demand for environmentally friendly transport. "

Hyundai's commercial vehicles and buses feature Hyundai's innovative, innovative hydrogen fuel cell technology, a gearbox and digital control kits for electric driving.

These vehicles and electric buses come with a futuristic design and were used experimentally at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Hyundai Motor has shown great interest in the design of these fuel-cell vehicles and buses as a result of intense competition among vehicle and bus manufacturers.

Hyundai's commercial vehicle division is developing many eco-friendly commercial vehicles, such as fuel cell and battery powered electric buses, which are suitable for different usage environments and transport needs.

Kim said global demand for commercial vehicles has fallen in the past three years, likely to continue throughout 2018, citing the increasing competition among manufacturers. "Hyundai Commercial Vehicles in Africa and the Middle East exported about 6,000 units in half The first of this year, a figure of about double what was exported during the same period last year.

"The winning of contracts for the supply of commercial vehicle fleets to Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Morocco, as well as access to new markets such as Libya and some other African countries," were the factors that contributed to the excellent record of our exports of commercial vehicles.

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Source : Arabic Morning


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