Hyundai Santa Cruz: the adventure card!

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According to Hyundai, the Santa Cruz is a pickup that should appeal to a wide audience: it is advertised as being compact and practical for everyday use, but also ready for escapades thanks to its open cargo space and four-wheel drive. Still according to the manufacturer, this would be exactly what “people from an urban environment who go on an adventure on weekends” are looking for.

Tucson DNA

At first glance we can clearly see the aesthetic kinship between the Santa Cruz and the latest Hyundai Tucson, at the level of the daytime running lights incorporated in the grille for example. The nose of the Santa Cruz still seems more robust than that of the Tucson, with a more massive front shield and darker finishes. Unlike the Tucson which claims 4.5m long, the Santa Cruz still measures nearly 5m, 1.91m wide and 1.69m high. As for the bucket, it is of variable size, from 1.23 m to 1.32 m long.

The whole rear part is obviously new, with large optics that form a T-shaped light signature, a tailgate with “Santa Cruz” stamped in the metal and footrests fitted into the bumper to facilitate access to the vehicle. Loading Zone. On closer inspection, you can also see the inscription “Designed in California” on the taillights.

Inside, the similarities between the Hyundai Santa Cruz and the Tucson are even more marked. The entire dashboard appears to have been taken over, including the digital displays for the (retro-looking) meters and infotainment. For the rest, Hyundai claims to have worked on accessibility on board, while under the back seat is additional storage space.

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2.5 with or without turbo

Technically, the Hyundai Santa Cruz relies on two 2.5-liter gasoline engines. The standard engine is naturally aspirated, develops 190 hp and 244 Nm and is connected to an 8-speed automatic transmission with torque converter. The other engine is equipped with a turbo, to develop more than 275 hp and 420 Nm. Note that the latter is then coupled to a robotic transmission with double clutch and 8 gears.

HTRAC all-wheel drive is of course standard, with variable torque distribution between the axles depending on the grip conditions and the driving mode selected. According to the American technical sheet, the towing capacity of the Hyundai Santa Cruz is given at 1,600 pounds (or approximately 725 kg) for the 2.5 atmospheric, and 2,300 pounds (evening approximately 1,045 kg) for the 2.5 Turbo.

Designed primarily for the American market, the Santa Cruz is currently not intended for other markets.


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