Hyundai Wu Song? Male “Weird Sound” confronts 11 white tigers and ends GG | International | CTWANT

Many parents often take their young children to the zoo to play during the holidays, but the zoo is not only cute little animals, but also fierce carnivorous creatures. Parents must follow the rules of the park when they take their children to visit. An outrageous incident occurred in the self-driving tour area of ​​Beijing Wildlife Park, China at 2pm on the 23rd. A tourist surnamed Jiang suddenly violated regulations and rushed to a group of resting white tigers to make a provocation. The staff hurriedly drove the tigers away He took Jiang Nan away from the scene and sent him to the hospital for examination.

According to a report from “Unilad”, a group of tourists were taking a car in the safari park for a self-driving tour at the time of the incident. At this time, two tourists suddenly rushed out of the car without authorization. Among them, the 53-year-old Jiang Nan suddenly jumped over the protective slope, jumped into the isolation ditch in the white tiger exhibition area, and rushed to the front of 11 white tigers, and then continued to imitate the tigers’ calls and use their limbs. The action provokes the white tiger. Fortunately, the white tiger did not take the initiative to attack the man, but just sat down in front of the man, seeming to observe the man.

The man not only rushed in front of several white tigers, but also kept making provocative voices. (Picture/Flip from Weibo)

After receiving the report, the staff of the park hurried to the tiger park and discouraged a tourist who wanted to catch up. Then the white tiger fed food, firecrackers and other methods to drive the tiger out of the exhibition area. The man who broke in was taken away from the danger zone.

According to reports, Jiang Nan was taken to the hospital for examination immediately after being taken away from the Baihuo District by safety belt. The garden party also notified the police of the incident. After receiving the report, the police immediately went to the scene. After understanding what happened, they determined that the tourists did violate the zoo’s regulations on amusement parks and seriously disturbed the order of public places. After obtaining the evidence, Jiang Nan took Jiang Nan back to the police station for residence.