“I always dreamed of being a Yankee”

New York.- The Dominican Luis Polonia, known by some as ‘the King of Hit’ and by others as ‘the Atomic Ant’, said that if he had to choose a team he would always stay with the Yankees, referring to which of the three teams with which he won World Series titles would choose.

And it is that Poland was fortunate to be in some Athletics that were a dream team, some Braves that in 95 were crowned and that was one of the most dominant teams in baseball for more than a decade and finally some New York Yankees in full dynasty.

In the three internships that Luis Polonia had with the Yankees, in all of them he left beautiful memories and a lot to tell: “I accepted so happily to jump from a last first place team to one in the basement in 1989, because I always dreamed of being a Yankee . It didn’t hurt that Oakland traded me.”