«I am a lone wolf and I know how to wait, I will not stop until you pay in blood»

Enrique Riestra

A man faces 18 months in prison for insulting and threatening the mayor of Llanes, whom he wished to “see soon at the funeral home”

Throughout 2020 and 2021, he used social networks to “continually insult and threaten” the mayor of Llanes, Enrique Riestra (Neighbors for Llanes), whom he came to wish for death. The accused of these events faces justice tomorrow, with a request for a sentence from the Prosecutor’s Office of 18 months in prison, prohibition of approaching less than a hundred meters from the mayor and of maintaining any type of communication with him for three years, as well as special disqualification for the right to passive suffrage and compensation of 3,000 euros for damage to public image and moral damages. The public prosecutor also requests that it eliminate “all the insulting content made on Facebook.” In these comments he came to pour “intimidating expressions” such as “my objective is you, I want to fuck you, your father is going to have to pull you out of the sea with a cable, I am a lone wolf and I know how to wait, I hope to see you soon at the funeral home , I see you in hell, I will not stop until you pay for it in blood, they are going to put you down, not even the Civil Guard will save you, I have been preparing what I have prepared for you for eleven years ». To this is added that, according to the Prosecutor’s brief, “he hung photographs in which the defendant himself appeared next to the mayor’s house.” He was also seen by the Local Police “parked in a car in front of his house on January 10, 2021” and in the messages “demonstrated knowing personal and family data” of the alderman.

The posts also included disqualifications such as “sausage, drug addict, toxic, fascist, dog, you live in a den, you spend it all on drugs, I know who your dealer is, junkie shit, idiot, pig, son of a bitch, scum, Asshole, fagot, he has two wives, if his wife knew his dirty laundry and with whom he spends the night, he wouldn’t pay the 6,000 euros he owes for cocaine, poof, let’s see if you die the hell out of it and send this video to your little friend» .

Trial in Oviedo

He shared disqualifications on social networks such as “chorizo, facade, dog and scum”

Faced with this situation, the Investigating Court of Llanes adopted precautionary protection measures, which included prohibiting the accused from going to the council and approaching less than a hundred meters from the mayor, as well as any means of communication with him. The Prosecutor’s Office considers that the facts constitute a continued crime of insults against authority and a continued crime of threats. The analogical attenuation of anomaly or psychic alteration of the defendant concurs. The oral hearing will be tomorrow, Wednesday, at Penal 2 in Oviedo.