“I am a playmaker”

Considered a swingman – understand a fullback / winger – on his official NBA file, Kevin Porter Jr., who is known more for his performance in scoring (personal record at 50 points) or even his misbehavior than for his qualities as a leader of men, nevertheless defines himself as a ‘point guard’. In the modern sense of the word. To the Ja Morant.

“I’m a point guard. Not a traditional point guard, but a point guard. We are in 2022. I think Steph Curry fired this label from the traditional playmaker. Since Steph, I don’t think there’s been a traditional leader, other than Chris Paul and others who were already there before. I definitely see myself as a playmaker, especially for this team. I want to be a playmaker for the rest of my career. »Kevin Porter Jr.

In his last 23 games, the one who has missed 21 games this season (injury / illness) is 16.1 points at 45.2% on shots. Much better than his 12.2 points at 35.7% in the first part of the season (first 26 games). Since returning from a 12-game absence in December, the 30th pick of the 2019 Draft (USC) has made 41.2% of his 3-point attempts.

“It’s not the traditional post 1 like before. Every guy defines the job to some extent. For me the guy who runs the ball is someone who plays in a way that helps his teammates play better, whether it’s scoring or drawing defenders or creating for others. It is a position where we score more than ever. But I think it will always be a position where you help your teammates play well, especially in attack. » Stephen SilasRockets coach

In the last 20 games, his assist/turnover ratio has increased to 2.42, compared to 1.53 in his first 29 games played this season. In 50 games, he averaged 14.1 points, 4.1 rebounds and 5.9 assists per game in 30.4 minutes.

” He’s making progress. He begins to understand when to play for others and when to play for himself. The more natural it becomes for him, the more comfortable he will be and the better he will be in this role. It’s his first full season so he can only progress. Who knows how far he can go? »Stephen Silas

Porter Jr. sees himself continuing to evolve alongside Jalen Green in the Texans backcourt.

“He is Batman and I am the Joker. Batman and the Joker got along really well before becoming rivals. Mutually we make each other better every day in training. I like to play with Jalen. We want to be there and we want to stay together as long as possible. »Kevin Porter Jr.

via Houston Chronicle