I am grateful that the show ended for me here

Gabi Tóth was also featured in the Let’s Do the Festival! on Saturday’s broadcast, and although he loved the show very much, he’s glad he was eliminated before the final.

The singer received a lot of messages after the Duna TV show and honestly told me how difficult it was for her to get back on stage with this song.

“Thank you so much for the congratulations since yesterday! It was spiritually stressful to sing Serső Rezső’s song Sad Sunday in Let’s Do the Festival !. I am grateful that I made it to the semi-finals and also that the show ended for me here. I’m not sure I could have sung this song again.

(…) Thank you for being able to deal with one of my big stage fears! I never dared to sing because I felt I couldn’t stand it! For me, it was also a spiritual development that I undertook, “he told me.

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