I am not planning for the short term at Fradi ”« Üllői út 129.

The family of the defender of our football team is also moving to Budapest.

Rasmus Thelander came to Fradi from Denmark’s leading Aalborg and has serious plans for our team in the Hungarian capital.

I’ve been a legionary before. Now is the time, and since Ferencváros is a very exciting club, we decided to cut in. Said our new composition, which is not accidental in the plural. The former Danish youth team arrived in Hungary on Thursday together with a pair of national team players, and he was immediately fascinated by the Hungarian capital. – I’ve heard a lot of good things about Fradi and the city, which is beautiful. I did not come alone, as I am a family man, so it is important that not only is the place where we live attractive to me, but also to my loved ones.

Our new defender had a tasty lunch at Liget Restaurant with his partner and manager, the former 66-time national team Ebbe Sand, after the agreement on Thursday, and then they immediately started planning their new life.

Since we have two children, it is important that we find the right educational institutions for them as soon as possible. As soon as we can, we will start getting to know Budapest and we will start looking for a school. We already like the city, which is bisected by the river Danube Our player said. However, a significant part of the search for a home is waiting for you for the time being, as Rasmus is already on his way to our team’s training camp in Austria on Friday.

I look forward to meeting the members of the framework. Fradi is a strong guard with significant international achievements. I think the fact that I came with my family also indicates that I am not planning for the short term at Fradi, my goal is to be a basic person in this patinated club and to achieve further success, together. I’m basically an internal defender, but I’ve played at any point in the defense, so wherever Master Cherchesov counts on me, I’m ready! The Danish defender added.