I am proud of Adel Imam’s praise .. I am not planning for the future

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Superstar Nelly Karim won the challenge and ventured into comedy and change in Ramadan this year in the series 100 W, and her success may exceed expectations in a way that caught everyone’s attention.

In her interview with Al-Arabiya.net, Nelly talked about this year’s adventure, how she dared to fully change and the secret of her permanent success with director Kamel Abu Zakri, as well as revealed her opinion about the competition and series that won her admiration and is she going according to specific plans, as she talked about the new has .

How did you get the idea of ​​a comedy, and was it afraid of adventure?

In principle, I love comedy very much and I know that I may achieve a good success in it. My character, in fact, is completely different from the drama, I am closer to comedy and love to laugh at anything with a slight blood, so I had a wild desire to present a comic work that carries a lot of audacity and adventure and I thought about presenting Light’s work, so the series of swindlers whose name changed to 100 U was not hidden but rather My love for renewal was more important than accounts and fears, and that is why I dared and presented it.

For me, the safety valve was that the work is integrated in terms of technical elements such as distinguished production and indisputable production by director Kamel Abu Zakri, and of course the wonderful scenario and the entire team of senior and new actors, everything was confirming that there is a good and integrated work.

She previously made comedies like “Sahar El-Ayoun” and “Bashtari Ragel”. Did she consider returning to the same track?

I cannot say that I thought of returning to the path or an old line that I was walking on, but rather thinking about change. Honestly, there is no strict planning in the literal sense of the word, but every time and every scenario is “beige under its circumstances”, and there is no arrangement, and more frankly … I may find myself in front of a good job that I offer and it may be dramatic or tragic or romantic whatever it is, the quality is important. And luck this year, I decided to change and found the good work so everything was done without calculations or planning.

Nelly Karim
Nelly Karim

The series used the theme “The Monument”, which raised accusations of being similar to the movie “Gang Hamada and Tutu”.

The theme of the monument is very well known and used in serials, films and plays and will continue to be used whether in a single image as a single hero for work or bi or more than that, for this matter is normal and there is no similarity of any kind in the idea and dramatic lines and events between the series B 100 and between any other work, and there Many foreign films and works submitted about the swindlers are, of course, not taken from Hamada, Tutu or any other Egyptian work.

Do you generally think about repeating the comedy experience, or will you return to drama?

I may repeat the comedy and I may not go through a close experience, as there are no specific measures for each stage, as I say, but the experience of the comedy is likable, and if I find a good job I will submit it immediately, and there is nothing that prevents me from going through the experience more than once during the coming years. But the main criterion that controls my choices is the distinct scenario, as I said, and the new idea, whatever the type of work.

What difficulties did you encounter in filming recently, and what is the story of your accident?

The most difficult circumstance we encountered was that we entered photography late, and we were shooting daily, hours, until the last days of Ramadan. We make preparations before filming. This killed us from exhaustion, in addition to the problem of Corona and the terror that surrounded everyone.

Nelly Karim and Aser Yasin
Nelly Karim and Aser Yasin

As for the accident, I fell from a motorcycle and suffered a very deep wound, but thank God that there was no fracture, otherwise it was possible that the filming did not take place, thank God, things passed safely.

How do you see the tribute of the great star Adel Imam Bey as a comedian?

One of the greatest things that happened to me was to see the series of the star Adel Imam, so what about you also praises him and my role, and I cannot describe the extent of my happiness with that?

The competition was intense in Ramadan, so how do you see the issue and who are you competing with?

All the time there is competition, and since when is there no competition in Ramadan or other seasons? In general, I do not see competition frightening or disturbing, on the contrary, it is very healthy and pays a feeling of enthusiasm, and in general I am a person who does not occupy these names and do not consider myself competing with anyone and I do not think in a way that is better or worse.

Nelly Karim and Aser Yasin
Nelly Karim and Aser Yasin

Did you like the work of other stars in Ramadan?

Of course, there are a lot of distinguished works in Ramadan, and most of them were very good. I liked the series “Valentino” by the star Adel Imam, as well as the series “Choice” by Amir Karara, the series of Fatwa by Yasser Jalal, and the series “Betrayal Ahd” by Yusra, one of the best dramas this year.

It is said that you are in harmony with the director Kamela Abu Zakri and present with her the most important of your works. What is your response?

Kamila Abu Zakri is one of the most important directors in the Arab world on all levels. She understands the actor and can take out his energies, she is my friend and I love her very much. My relationship with her is wonderful and I am in “my best situations” with her.

What are your new artworks?

I have a work with the distinguished author Ahmed Murad, and the details will be announced very soon, as we prepare for a series that will be directed by Mohamed Al-Adl, with whom I collaborated in a series of the highest price.


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