“I am” | Ricky Santos: Imitators will hold a virtual concert to raise funds for his daughter Ámbar | Gustavo Santos | Luis Miguel

Ricky Santos, imitator of Luis Miguel who participated in “I Am: Great Battles”, recently became a father. Unfortunately, his daughter Ámbar was born with complications and is waiting for it to be operated. Immediately they began the chains of prayers in addition to help from friends.

This was the case with his fellow “I am” Who have come together to carry out the show Together for Ámbar, with the objective of fundraising and thus support the family with the expenses in the clinic.

Gustavo Santos, who imitated Nino Bravo in the 2015 edition, announced the virtual concert: “In the face of adversity in life there is always a light at the end of the road, Let’s collaborate with this noble cause, only you are missing. Let’s support Ámbar, ”the Instagram post reads.

On the other hand, the Chilean artist Ricky Santos He indicated that the show is being performed with his closest colleagues. He thanked all his followers for their support in this situation: “We will be together daughter, we pray for you Amber. Thank you all for not lowering your guard with your prayers,” he said on Instagram.


In Santos’ post, he confirmed that the virtual concert will be held through his own Facebook account.

The Saturday 15 August with a duration of five hours: from 2 pm to 7 pm In this way, fans will be able to enjoy the characterizations of their favorite singers and at the same time support Ricky Santos and his family.


The entrance to the virtual show costs S /. 25 soles. In turn, other amounts can also be donated to the following BCP account: 191-18292203-0-72.


Among those who will participate in the Juntos por Ámbar event are the imitators of “I am“: José José (Carlos Burga), Sandro (Tony Cam), Juan Luis Guerra (Juan Carlos Cornejo), Nino Bravo (Gustavo Santos), Dyango (Jairo Tafur), Demi Lovato (Paula Leonardi) y Federico Moura (Charlie Cervantes).

Also present will be La India (Carmen Castro), Marc Anthony (Miguel Ruiz), Emmanuel (Harold Gamarra), Roberto Carlos (Carlos Bonifaz), José Feliciano (Sebastián Landa), Olga Tañón (Karol Agüero) and Il Divo (Alfredo Valente, Luis Arellano, Miguel Lapote and Ricardo Infante). Everyone has come together to support.


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