I ask my parents to trust me. Monica Anisie’s request for dismissal, a political gesture

“The decision to start the school year is a decision that was clear from my point of view. Of course there are fears, of course there are various issues that have not been addressed in detail. Any aspect can be fixed. (…) I ask parents to trust, to tell their children to follow the rules “, said Orban.

“We must not panic. We have been in constant communication with school inspectorates, public health departments, school principals, representatives of local authorities, so that we can take all measures to protect the health of students and children. Of course, parents must also have confidence in the beginning of the school year. It is a necessity. in which it is necessary to start school, “the prime minister said.

Ludovic Orban also responded to the former prime minister Dacian Cioloș, who publicly requested the dismissal of Monică Anisie. “To demand the resignation of the Minister of Education the day before the start of school seems to me a dramatic politicization of the subject, especially since Ms. Anisia was secretary of state during his term. Let me understand that she was good then, now that she is no longer in his party, is she no longer ?! “


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