I believe you are a good boy

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Social media activist Goodbye Armando seemed to shake hands with one of the defendants after giving testimony in court regarding the case of beating him up.

Ade greeted the defendant Al Fikri Hidayatullah while saying that he believed he was a good boy.

“I believe you are a good child, devoted to your mother,” said Ade to Al Fikri at the Central Jakarta District Court, Wednesday (27/7).



Fikri then replied that he currently only lives alone with his mother. Hearing this, Ade asked the whereabouts of Fikri’s mother.

“Where’s the mother? I’m sorry for the child,” said Ade.

When the mother appeared, Ade prayed that Fikri would be a good child. According to him, Fikri is still young and still has a long future.

“Hopefully he will be a good boy, he is still young. There is still time,” said Ade.

Ade Armando was present at the Central Jakarta District Court today to testify about the beatings that happened to him on April 11. He came with his attorney, Andi Windo, and was closely escorted by five police officers in full uniform.

In this case, six people were charged with beating Ade. They were charged with violating Article 170 paragraph (2) of the Criminal Code and Article 170 paragraph (1) of the Criminal Code as subsidiary charges.

The case was registered under number 368/Pid.B/2022/PN Jkt.Pst, with the classification of the case, namely beatings that caused minor and serious injuries.


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