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"I built an electric guitar with 1200 crayons"

People make a lot of cool things from colored pencils. And when Blake Burls saw them, he decided to raise it an octave.

"I saw a lot of people making crayons online from crayons and I thought that was really cool, but I wanted to make something that I can actually use and enjoy more than a scale when it's done," Burls said. Bored Panda. "Because I play guitar, I thought this would be a cool project that would reach that goal, I decided to make a (Fender) Stratocaster-styled electric guitar … This was the first guitar I ever built "

"It was not surprisingly difficult as I had imagined," he said. "The only real struggle came not so much with the actual guitar building as with the colored pencil, by which I mean that the color of the colored pencil would smear when it was sanded with a high grained sandpaper and it looked awful, so I had to think of a way to get good wood / lead color without smear (which I detail in the video at the end of this post). "

"That's 1200 crayons, I bought the cheapest I could find on Amazon, and they're almost identical to Crayola."

"Cheap minibus machine for port cargo that cuts the pencils into 2" pieces "

"Cutting the pencils was by far the most annoying part of the build"

"In goes the epoxy resin"

"This is a milling template I made from some spare wood that I had, the router slides back and forth, and the template slides from left to right so that I can get about 1/8" off the pencil plate. This actually means the record for me "

"Tracing the template on the plate"

"The combination of epoxy resin and pencils was far too compact to cut only with a saw, even with a diamond knife, so I had to pierce the pencil cores to make life a bit easier on the jigsaw."

"Super glueing the template on, I glued a couple of masking tape strips on the guitar and a couple of strips on the template … Put a little instant glue on the masking tape and connect them together, making for an incredibly strong lateral grip that can easily deducted without causing damage to the guitar or template "

"Routing the side of the body using a table router This was another homemade mold using the wooden workbench and a 3 x 3 piece melamine wood Cut a hole in the middle of the melamine plate and mount the router at the bottom.Well worked.This 2.5 "cutter is a bit intimidating, I can not lie"

"Routing the edges gives me an almost perfectly formed body"

"Routing the cavities and neck pocket"

"This is an example of one of my problems with the build, the whole block was sanded with grit 80 on the belt sander, then the left side was gradually sanded up to 360 grit, so the higher the grit I went, the more color smear would occur. was minimal until I went above about 220 grain gravel.This left me with 2 choices .. either have a smooth surface and a greyish / spotty color tone … or … have good clean wood and LED colors, but at the expense of alone to sandblast to 220. The choice was pretty clear to me because the colored pencils were the star of the build … I wanted to show their colors as much as possible "

"Determination of a tear that I had when routing the neck bag"

"A lot of sanding"

"Drilling the fastening holes in the neck, I've also drilled the bridge brackets right now, this is like a portable drill in brackets … Not as good as the real thing, but it's true."

"Put on a white coat! I used a 2-piece spray paint, which is really filthy … but it gives a nice finish, dumped the whole look in 5 layers"

"The polishing paste that I used"

"Easily the most satisfying part of the build"

"Mounting the tremolo"


"The more difficult parts of the build only had to do with ways to use the limited equipment and electrical tools I had, for example making an improvised milling machine (for example: planer), making a table out of my wooden workbench, etc. But it shows that you can make a guitar in your garage with limited tools if you're a bit creative. "

Burls could not specify exactly how much time he needed to complete his project. "I worked 4-5 hours a day for a couple of hours a day, probably 2-4 hours." It took a long time, but for the most part it was fun, I think I can get it faster now. because I know the processes and things I would do differently, I'd say I've spent around $ 500, but some of them include mills and other devices I did not have. guitar neck and hardware, so that saved some money. "

He was very happy with the final look of the guitar. "It is a unique guitar from now on that I think is pretty cool, although that will probably change quickly now that the idea is out of the bag." He promised, however, that this would not be his last unique guitar construction. "I have many more ideas that I think will translate well and that I will adopt in the future, some of which I think will be even more interesting than this colored pencil guitar."

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