“I can cut it in the mouth now,” Johnny Depp joked on the day of his wedding to Amber Heard.

Zsófi Szabó was able to break up their fiancée due to the outbursts of Shane Tusup

According to newspaper information, the coach once turned so much on his own that the host returned the engagement ring.

As we wrote, Zsófi Szabó and Shane Tusup unexpectedly announced their marriage on Wednesday night. They posted this on their Instagram page for their followers, but did not reveal the reason for the breakup. Those who love them have been guessing why the couple’s relationship could have deteriorated so suddenly, as they had already planned the wedding, and Shane also wrote in a post on Mother’s Day that she was very much in love with Zsófi.

Now both Blikk and Pepper write about

The connection could be ruined due to Tusup’s temper problems.

According to Bors, the strong personality of the coach, willingly or unwillingly, developed a relationship of subordination, and because he was very willing and self-confident to enforce his own will through fire and water.

Zsófi is known to have had a panic attack during a more serious uproar, which Shane did not handle very well. The actress was then determined to take the fatal step: she breaks the engagement with her partner.

The paper also writes that the love of sport has always been a common point in the couple’s life, but the relationship has been roughened in this area as well. “Shane has always been performance and goal-oriented and his encouragement can go beyond the horse he wants to do well with, but the other side is already experiencing a burden,” they said.

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Blikk also thinks he knows

The relationship between Zsófi and Shane ended just a few days ago, so the breakup is still very fresh. They also learned that the actor-host made the decision after Tusup turned away from himself and suddenly showed his face, which Zsófi did not yet know.

Their informant, who was close to the couple, said the coach “had a return to his old self, an aggressive, violent, screaming one that had never been known before.” According to another acquaintance, Zsófi Szabó would never expose her child to a person who has temper problems and would never want to live with such a person.

“After months of love, he disappeared from his eyes in the pink mist and faced one of Shane’s outbursts of anger, immediately deciding to return the ring.”

said the acquaintance.

According to Blikk, friends and acquaintances are sure that Tusup will try to regain his love, but since his divorce, Zsófi has become so strong spiritually that he will not weaken.

Both papers mention that Shane’s ex-wife, Long Katinka, also said earlier that the coach is fierce and unable to control his temper. On several occasions, he screamed at either the fans or another coach in a swimming competition.