“I can’t take care of myself”: an old woman was abandoned in a hospital guard

An 84-year-old woman with health problems was abandoned this Wednesday in the Guardia area of ​​the Santa Clara Clinic in the city of San Juan, with a handwritten note describing her situation and her documents.

The old woman named Ursulina is prostrate, malnourished, injured and unable to speak due to profound cognitive impairment.

“With a lot of pain but I can’t take care of Ursulina. Nobody from PAMI helps me to take care of her or with food. I don’t give anymore. These are the papers to admit her to the nursing home. Sorry. She legally does not have a family or a place to live ”, indicated the note written with a pen with which they left the woman at the health center.

The Quality Coordinator of the clinic, Carlos Fiorentino, explained that the woman was admitted at about 9 p.m. through the Emergency Service and “went through the triage where the nurses performed the routine assessment that is done in the midst of the coronavirus and in order to determine what type of assistance the patient needs ”.

While she was waiting to be evaluated, another woman who had arrived with the old woman withdrew leaving her alone. Minutes later, when the clinic noticed that she was alone, the Police, the Interdisciplinary Cabinet of the Clinic and Human Development were notified.

“The woman is very deteriorated, prostrate, with multiple bedsores, dehydrated and malnourished. She is a patient with profound cognitive impairment, which prevents her from communicating. She looks excited and anguished, but she cannot speak ”, described Fiorentino in dialogue with diariodecuyo.com.ar.

The Ministry of Human Development and Social Promotion of San Juan intervened ex officio for the “containment and interdisciplinary approach” of Ursulina, who is a native of the department of Jáchal and has as her last registered address an address in the town of Santa Lucía.

“The lady will be previously treated in said clinic for her health control and, later, she will be transferred to the Residence for the Elderly ‘Hogar Eva Duarte de Perón’, where she will have care and an articulated and comprehensive work in pursuit of better quality of life, ”the authorities reported in a statement.

Source: diariodecuyo.com.ar / infobae.com