“I changed my mind about him”

A few days after the goal of the political vote came the conversion of Matteo Salvini are Vladimir Putin. Who has chosen an interview in America, where there is greater concern for the next Italian government and in particular for the presence of Salvini himself, considered Putin’s man, to try to escape from the weight of relations cultivated with Moscow.

“I changed my mind about Putin”

My opinion of Putin really changed during the war, because when someone starts invading, bombing, sending tanks to another country, well, everything changes ”. Thus the secretary of the League in an interview with Bloomberg. For the foreseeable future the Chinese it is our main competitor – Salvini points out – we must fear it because it is not a democracy and is ready to invade the European market with its products and goods, starting with the automotive industry with the new electrification trend ”.

Salvini also argued Italy’s commitment to the NATO military alliance, stating that international relations “do not change for us”. The leader of the League recalls that “everyone, and I mean everyone, in the past collaborated with Putin and with Russia.


If it goes to the government, on sanctions “we will continue to do what we have already done but we will protect the Italian workers. As during Covid. It is a second Covid, not in the hospital but in the factory and Italians must be protected “. “If I were elected – he added -, the first intervention to be made is that on pensions, otherwise on January 1st the Fornero law and the labor reform will come back into force. This concerns millions of Italians ”, therefore“ the opportunity to choose a well-deserved pension for those who have worked for a lifetime and the opportunity to start working for an army of young people who otherwise live in precariousness ”.

The long shadow of the agreement with United Russia

But the belated interview does not clear the field ofidea of ​​vassalage that in the USA they have of the Salvinian league with respect to Moscow. For the famous t-shirts with Putin’s effigy often exhibited by the Northern League leader, who also said that he would have exchanged “two Mattarella for half Putin”, but above all for the agreement, never denied and theoretically still in force, between the League and Putin’s ‘United Russia’ party.

A five-year agreement on an exchange of information on topical issues of the situation in the Russian Federation and in Italian republic, on bilateral and international relations, on the exchange of experiences in the sphere of party structure, organized work, youth policies, economic development, as well as in other fields of mutual interest. It would have expired last March, but it is tacitly renewed, it is written in the text. Unless one of the two parties “notifies the other no later than six months before the expiry of the agreement of its intention to terminate it”.