I chased them like their fantasies.. A charming story that turned the lives of soccer players into hell

Tik-toker Orla Melissa Sloane (Daily Mail)

Published in: May 26, 2023: 10:50 AM GST
Last updated: May 26, 2023: 02:23 PM GST

Before the court in London, and after she was repeatedly disturbed on three counts, including harassment and stalking, 21-year-old TikTokr Orla Melissa Sloan admitted to chasing and disturbing stars from the English Premier League.

After the Chelsea player, Mason Mount, cut off his relationship with her, the social media star in Britain admitted that she had pursued Mount and his former teammate Billy Gilmour, in addition to harassing the “Blues” star, Ben Chilwell.

I showered him with letters

She explained that she was in a relationship with Mount after they met at a party at his friend Chilwell’s house in November of 2020, and it lasted for 6 months until the latter ended it.

The investigation with her confirmed that she used to rain Mount with a torrent of e-mails and phone messages, until her number was blocked, adding that the player then began receiving messages from new numbers, and every time he blocked a number, he received new messages from another different number.

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Prosecutors also revealed that Sloan used 21 phone numbers to shower Mount with messages, some of which included fabricated photos of him with other women.

In one of the messages sent via Instagram using the pseudonym “Devil Baby”, Sloan said: “I can change at any time, so let me apologize and set the record straight,” according to the Daily Mail.

According to the prosecutor, Mount said he was worried the young man might have an obsession or attachment to him and didn’t know what to do.

Other victims

It is noteworthy that the court also viewed other letters that were addressed to football players and some of their friends and family members.

For his part, a sobbing Scotland midfielder, Billy Gilmour, said that the girl had an “unbalanced behaviour”, and that her messages had had a “significant negative impact” on his life.

He added, “I was unable to sleep and had to take sleeping pills… and what it did to me had a negative impact on my performance and my career.”

Gilmore testified in court that he exchanged some messages with Sloan before telling her he did not want to communicate with her.

He explained, saying: “I no longer know who I can trust anymore, because some information is known only to people close to me.”

Strange behavior collecting money

In addition, the accused pleaded guilty to causing serious distress by stalking Gilmore between September 10 and October 28 last year.

It also admitted to stalking Mount between June 19 and October 28 last year, as well as causing harassment to Chilwell between October 20 and October 29, 2022.

Judge Nita Minhas adjourned the verdict to June 20 pending the conclusion of investigations and the preparation of further reports on the Gilmore case.

It is worth noting that the accused actually had strange behavior, as she collected 50,000 pounds sterling in just 4 months because she published a video eating sweets while she was naked.

Then she recorded a clip of herself dancing in a bikini in the aisles of a supermarket, which was shared by her 18,000 followers on TikTok.

On Instagram, she regularly shares videos of trips to Indonesia and Greece with her thousands of fans.

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