“I cleaned up the rubble of the building, but I couldn’t keep my eyes open”… 70 bodies found in Mariupol

About 70 bodies have been found in the remains of buildings in Mariupol, a strategically important city and port city in southern Ukraine occupied by Russia, the mayor’s adviser said.

Mariupol Mayor Petro Andryusenko told Telegram on the 27th (local time) that rescuers from the Russian disaster authorities had found about 70 bodies in the rubble of an industrial building.

“These are people trapped in buildings that have been destroyed by shelling,” Andryusenko said. “The bodies were moved to mass graves.” He added, “The body’s condition is not good, so it is impossible to verify the identity.”

The aide, who had left the city before Mariupol fell to Russia, is reporting the situation there with information obtained from local sources.

On the 24th, he said through a telegram channel that about 200 decomposed bodies were found in the wreckage of a collapsed apartment in downtown Mariupol.

Mariupol is a strategically important location connecting the Crimean Peninsula, which Russia ‘forced annexation’ in 2014, and the eastern Donbas region.

For this reason, along with the capital Kiiu and the second city Kharkiv, Mariupol was a major target of Russian attack.

However, it is reported that the Russian army withdrew early due to Ukraine’s fierce resistance, and Kharkiv was also recently retaken by Ukrainian forces.

However, after the Ukrainian army resisted for more than 80 days, Mariupol was completely handed over to the Russian army when the last force resisting at the Azoustal Works surrendered on the 21st.

At that time, according to Business Insider and others, the Ukrainian army, which had agreed to cease fighting with the Russian army, on condition of treatment for the wounded, officially declared the end of the battle base.

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“The Mariupol garrison has completed its combat mission,” the General Staff said in a statement.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a statement: “This was a choice to save lives, and it is our principle to save the Ukrainian hero. I also earned time to receive the .” He congratulated the garrison.

Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Hannah Malyar said that 53 people seriously injured were transferred to Novoazov for treatment during the garrison rescue operation from Azostal, and 211 people were transferred to Olenivka via humanitarian routes.

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