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"I could have lost my sight": hit during a match, a rugby player will file a complaint


“I am not on the ground to endanger my life. A swollen face, Kevin Ory is marked. In the flesh and in the head. He and his partners from the Villeneuve-sur-Lot amateur rugby club (Lot-et-Garonne) tell of numerous attacks on the lawn of the Nord-Landes club (Landes) on Sunday. So much so that his team refused to compete in the second period after the 24-year-old winger was attacked just before the break.

“Since the start of the match, it was all nonsense! As soon as there was contact, a tackle, we took blows, he explains to La Dépêche du Midi. So at the end of the first half, I try to get up after a tackle. And I see their third line running towards me. Our eyes met. And he kicked me in the face. I fell to the ground. I had a dizzying moment. Afterwards, I had trouble walking straight. "

"A huge fright"

Hospitalized in stride in Bordeaux, Kevin Ory came out with a bloody cheekbone but no fracture of the orbital floor as he might have feared. “The doctors and I were very scared. They told me a little more, and I could lose my eye … Afterwards, it's a huge fright when you think about it. I could have lost my sight. I love this sport, I have been playing it since the age of ten. But it disappoints me from rugby. I don't play my life, I'm not on a pitch to put my life in danger ”.

Shocked, one of his partners explained to him that he planned to stop the sport. "When we get up very early in the morning, we take a three-hour bus ride to go play, it's for fun, not to go to war and fight," regrets the vice-president of RC Villeneuve XV, Jérôme Colombini, interviewed by France Bleu.

The arbitrator against whom the complaint is made

Kevin Ory is scheduled to see a doctor on Monday to report on the progress of his injury. Then, he will file a complaint with the police station against the Nord-Landes club, his alleged attacker and the referee. I believe that the latter did not take stock of what was going on on the field, and did not enforce the rules as it should, resulting in my injury. I understand that he did not see the kick, he does not have eyes everywhere. But better management of his match could have avoided it.

Contacted by France Bleu, the Nord-Landes club refuses to comment on the matter. The Ligue de Nouvelle-Aquitaine will investigate the matter in the disciplinary committee.


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