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“I could like many at my age refuse the photos …” (PHOTO)

by archyw

This Monday, July 19, comedian Raphaël Mezrahi, aged 57, took to Facebook to respond to various criticisms about his physique and the “passing of time”, following the publication of a souvenir photo alongside fans.

Raphaël Mezrahi had so far never written on his official Facebook page, followed by 93,000 Internet users. But it is now done since Monday, July 19 for the one who had given news of Renaud: “First time I write a text on Facebook! Tomorrow I go back to postcards!”, He begins. Why this decision? Because the comedian has aroused many amused reactions by posing on July 14 alongside two fans, Renée and Nicole.

All these messages about the physical, the time passing …“, replied Raphaël Mezrahi

The haircut of the creator of The Night of the Depression was particularly talked about: “You were above the fan?”, “But why are you wearing a bigouden?”, “You have two antennae sticking out of your head, is it normal? “,” What are these two horns on the head? “, can we read in the comments. Remarks to which the one who had gained nothing with his fake interviews (one of which had an unexpected consequence on Lambert Wilson!) Wanted to respond: “All these messages on the physical, the time that pass … Ha ha! All that is not serious, it is childish and fun “, he reacted. “It is so not my priority on earth”.

The companion of Christine Eymeric continues: “I could like many at my age (57 years) refuse the photos because I don’t have the right cut with the dye that goes with it! But me how to say … I m ‘crazy! I’m authentic, no filter and when I meet great people … it’s called happiness! Everything else has no (…)

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