POLITICS – This Saturday, September 15, on the occasion of Heritage Days, the Elysee Palace opened its doors to the public. President Emmanuel Macron took advantage of this opportunity to meet his guests in the gardens. And that's where an exchange took place with a young unemployed person. "Are you registered with Pôle Emploi?" Asks the Head of State.

"Yes, and I can send resumes and cover letters, it does not matter," says the young man, who says he is trained as a horticulturist and regrets never having an answer when he postulates . And Emmanuel Macron retorts: "If you are ready and motivated, in the hotel, cafes, catering, in the building, there is not a place where I go where do not tell me we're looking for people."

Moments later, Emmanuel Macron insists: "Hotels, cafes, restaurants … I cross the street and I find you, they just want people who are ready to work, with the constraints of the job." He adds: "But do not waste time talking to me: you make a street, you go to Montparnasse, you make the street with all the cafes and restaurants and frankly, I'm sure there is one out of two who are recruiting. "

A change of sector to find work faster? Here is the solution that seems to advocate the head of state.

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