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In audience Parvin Tadjik, wife of the founder of the Five Stars Beppe Grillo: the first of nine witnesses to hear. The knot of alcohol drunk at the Billionaire and then at home, the alleged group violence, photos and videos of the girl who was sleeping

I did not have enough beds to accommodate my son’s friends and so I asked a friend of mine with whom we exchange favors to use her house to let the boys stay there during the holiday period. I was at number 36, they at 37. The houses are divided by a patio (…) For safety reasons, and in any case for my own peace of mind, I had asked the boys to keep the windows of the room open at night. And I also did it so that I could still be in contact with them (…) That morning I had breakfast on the patio of my home and I can say that I have not seen or heard anything abnormal (…) I asked how the evening went and they told me that they had met two girls who were friends of friends (…) They did not give me any specific confidence on the evening. They were calm.

The witnesses to hear

This he said and, barring twists and turns, he will repeat it again tomorrow in the classroom Parvin Tadjik, wife of the founder of the Five Stars Beppe Grillo. Their son, Ciro, together with friends Francesco Corsiglia, Vittorio Lauria and Edoardo Capitta, accused of group sexual violence. And tomorrow in Sardinia, in front of the judges of the court of Tempio Pausania, the hearings of the trial resume (behind closed doors) after the summer break. With nine witnesses to hearstarting with her, Parvin (later the maid, a neighbor, two pharmacists and the managers and employees of a bar).

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The knot of alcohol drunk that evening

Not big stories but small pieces to compose the puzzle of that morning, July 17, 2019, that is the date of the alleged rape of two girls that the news has always called with false names: Silvia and Roberta. They were all 19 that summer of 2019 – the boys and girls – they had all been to Billionaire dancing the night before, they had all drunk one amount of alcohol that became one of the knots to be solved in the process. Were they present to themselves while having sex with Silvia (first only one of them and then the other three together)? Was the girl present to herself? Was she able to resist and reject them?

The contrasting versions

According to their version, she was consenting and voluntarily had sexual intercourse with Francesco first and with the other three together later (while Francesco slept, they say). But she tells a different version: she is forced to do what she did both by the first boy and by the others, later (with Francesco’s voice in the background) after being forced to drink a mix of vodka and lemonsoda.

The photos and video of the sleeping girl

Whether he drank or not, he was instead vitthime of abuse but unaware of everything the other girl, Roberta. She was asleep on the sofa and did not notice that the boys (excluding Francesco) took pictures and made a short sexual video next to her. Tomorrow the judges of Tempio will hear, in fact, nine of the witnesses of this story called to testify by the prosecutor Gregorio Capasso. Texts that have already told their version of events and none of them (including Parvin Tadjik) appears to have said anything fundamental to confirm or deny the accusation or defense with certainty.

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