“I did not raise him, that is the reality,” said the president, Gustavo Petro, about his son

This is how he responds in the midst of the scandal that the president of the Republic of Colombia is going through, thanks to the actions of his son, Nicolás Petro Burgos.

In the middle of an interview conducted by Cambio Magazine, President Gustavo Petro spoke about the scandal involving his son Nicolás, his brother Juan Fernando Petro, the influence of the first lady and his estrangement with Roy Barreras. He also spoke about the episode of the police in Caguan, the future of the EPS and the process of the reforms.

From the beginning he is emphatic that, due to his clandestinity, he had to leave his wife Katia and his son Nicolás from a very young age to continue with his project in the M-19 and that after the demobilization of this guerrilla, he already had another sentimental life, so her son grew up in Córdoba and they did not have the opportunity to live together. “I didn’t raise him, that’s the reality,” Petro said.

He also pointed out that it was because of his political life that he met his eldest son again, since he noticed his concern for politics, something he did not see with his other children. “I notice political concerns, more from an electoral point of view, that none of my other children have had.”

When asked if anything had caught his attention about the lifestyle that Nicolás led, Petro assured that Katia was the one who told him about the concerns, but that she took it as if they were “worries of every mother”, since she confesses that the Caribbean not good in terms of ‘politics.

He also stated that Day Vásquez herself was in charge of telling him that she was going to reveal certain information, but it was the rumors that began to attract his attention.

“I spoke to Nicolás about the rumors, he denied me everything,” mentioned Petro, who later spoke to Day, but thought about not interfering in anyone’s intimate life, but took preventive measures with his ministers and ministers, warning them not to have any type of relationship with his son Nicolás and with other people who he did not remember the name.

“But for prevention, not because he was certain, but simply wanted to protect himself from that possibility that could occur, according to Day,” the Colombian president rescued, before going out in public to ask the Prosecutor’s Office to carry out the respective investigations.

He assured that he had told Nicolás to leave the country, because with the exception of his youngest daughter, Antonella, the rest of his children are abroad, “for various reasons, not because he is president,” he stressed.

When questioned about his responsibility as a father, political figure and president, Gustavo Petro argued that Nicolás was the only one who had that political ‘vocation’ and that he did not see that this would have repercussions on a problem, but that this “is a matter of the Prosecutor’s Office I can no longer interfere in that.”

He also stressed that he has not influenced at any time the careers his children chose, since he gives them total freedom and that, of all his children, “the one who wanted to have an electoral political activity was him, but not because I had encouraged”.

He concluded by saying that he has only tried to influence reading for his children, because “because when a small child sees that his father reads, he himself begins to read”, but he made the point that Nicolás never saw him doing it.

Source: Digital Integrated System