“I don’t fit very well in Professor Comesaña’s system”: Michael Rangel

Will it be their rematch? We’ll see. For now, Michael Rangel will be in Junior for the fourth time in his sports career and the Santanderian would not dislike the idea.

“If given the opportunity, I would stay and play, I owe Junior a lot in my career,” said Rangel, who began his professional history in the Atletico team in 2010, led by coach Diego Umaña, who gave him some minutes in games of the Colombia Cup.

However, Rangel explained that there is the possibility that he will be transferred abroad and that this is what he expects given the limited possibilities he would have to play in the squad led by Julio Avelino Comesaña. For now he is one more shark after completing the loan loan to América de Cali, the team with which he achieved the Golden Boot and the title of the most recent championship, precisely in a final against the rojiblancos.

“I have to return to Barranquilla to join Junior and wait for an offer from abroad to materialize and be able to leave,” Rangel said, in dialogue with Blu Radio, assuming that Comesaña does not have it in his plans.

“Junior already has his payroll, players of stature, of good standing, who are coupled to what Professor Julio wants. On the other hand, I don’t fit very well in the teacher’s Comesaña system, so it is very difficult to stay in Junior, ”said the player.

“I have not had the opportunity to talk to him (with Comesaña), a year ago I left Junior, that was what he told me last time, that I was not in his game system, it was a bit complicated that I could play with him because he didn’t have the characteristics of the striker that he likes. I am making strength and everything possible to go to Barranquilla and wait for things to happen to go abroad, “he added.

About his time in the scarlet outfit, Rangel only has positive words and gratitude. “It worked excellently in America and the objectives were achieved, which were to be champion and top scorer,” said the 29-year-old attacker.

While his future is defined between his representative, Álex Ríos, and the leadership of Junior, a club with which he has a contract until December 2021, Rangel will appear in ‘Curramba’ between Tuesday and Wednesday to present medical exams and begin the process of resumption of the league.

“As of July 1, I returned to the Junior squad and it must be made for my salary until my situation is defined,” Rangel said.

He had planned to move this Friday from Cali to the capital of the Atlantic, but received a call from Junior to postpone the trip until next week, when the COVID-19 tests will finally be practiced on campus.


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