“I don’t sleep anymore” (video)

Véronique took care of 20 mistreated dogs in Fontaine-l’Evêque. The lady explains that following a visit from a policewoman threatening to seize her animals on the order of the bourgmestre, she was forced to part with 14 of her dogs. According to our colleagues from RTL Info, it would seem, however, that the mayor did not give any order on this subject and that there is no limitation on the possession of animals in her municipality.

The police came to her home following a complaint from a neighbor disturbed by the barking animals: “I am told verbatim, ‘Next time I come, I come with a van and I take everything that is. in your name, ”Véronique tells RTL. “I was not given any deadline for the seizure. No police procedure was respected ”.

“I don’t sleep anymore”

According to the agent’s words, Véronique is only legally allowed to own six dogs. She then acted quickly to protect her animals, which she cares deeply about: “I put them in good places. I deposited them myself. They are in families that have a garden and other dogs, so they are treated well there, but they are traumatized by the abandonment. I’ll never forget their gaze when I’m gone. Besides, I don’t sleep anymore ”.

No limitation in the municipality

The Mayor of Fontaine-l’Evêque, Barbara Osselaer, however, affirms not to have given any order to the police: “From the point of view of the general police regulations, the number of dogs is not specified. So we turn to the animal welfare code. There, we do not specify the number of dogs either, but the quality of reception that the citizen provides them ”, she explains to our colleagues. .

According to associations, Véronique takes good care of her dogs: “She has adopted a very old dog with us over 14 years old, with whom everything is going very well,” said Marie-Rose Bruffaerts, president of the association “Friends of animals”. “We took him back under the circumstances, but he was in great shape. We have nothing to reproach this lady ”.

Véronique filed a complaint against the neighborhood officer in question and the Mayor is waiting for an investigation to be opened.


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