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"I don't want to make fun of you, but they asked for a lot of money"

The arrival of Pamela Prati at “Live is not D'Urso"Had been announced with a press release from Mediaset, but in the late afternoon the denial: the Prati gave forfait. During Live Live which we followed as always on Leggo.it, Barbara D'Urso did a shocking revelation addressing his audience: «I decided to tell you everything. I don't want to make fun of you, but Pamela Prati's lawyers asked us for money».

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Pamela Prati is therefore not there, Barbara D'Urso explains what happened during the live broadcast of Live is not D'Urso:
"Because I have a very transparent relationship with those who follow me I decided to tell you everything … really everything».
The summary clip on Pamela Prati starts.
"A couple of days ago – explains Barbara D'Urso – Pamela Prati's lawyers asked us to give her the opportunity to respond to the accusations. I was very happy with this, the reply would have been completely free, I was happy to give her space. But not because he had to tell me, but because he had the right to reply to you what his truth was».
D'Urso has repeatedly stressed the importance of telling the whole truth to its audience and that the intervention of Prati had to be completely free.
"I willingly accepted, but Pamela has set a condition, that of meeting me. I said okay. Yesterday evening at 9.30 pm Pamela Prati arrived, having left from Rome together with the two lawyers, she would have to leave tomorrow morning. It was quiet, it came from a beautiful event in Capri. It made me see and hear messages, even from little Sebastian. We were an hour and a half, everything was organized. An artist has every right to ask for a cachet, but in this case I was clear, it had to be free of charge, also because Pamela always said she didn't want to make money. The lawyers' requests arrived this morning. First the request to see written questions, then that I had to put in writing that I should be on his side and that even in the end I should have embraced her».
In practice, Pamela and her lawyers wanted to dictate the rules and define the entire script of the broadcast.
"In the late afternoon a message arrives to our producer from Pamela Prati's lawyer – continues D'Urso in what is a real shock confession – who said she was taking Pamela to the airport and that she would not come to the studio if we had not guaranteed a very high figure of tens of thousands of euros. I don't want to talk about blackmail because it's a bad word, but saying 'if you don't give us this amount, you don't get out of the car' … we said ok you don't get out of the car. I have nothing against Pamela Prati, but I have a trusting relationship with you and I owed you explanations. I do not intend to make fun of anyone, it is right that you know how things went on».

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