“I executed the order to assassinate Álvaro Gómez Hurtado”: Carlos Lozada

Party senator Farc Julián Gallo or Carlos Antonio Lozada, as he was known in the old guerrillas, he assured it was he “who executed the order and planned the operation to assassinate the leader of the conservative party Álvaro Gómez Hurtado”.

In an interview with the newspaper The viewer Gallo said that “It is a fact whose responsibility lies with the Antonio Nariño Urban Network, of which I was commander at that time ”.

“The order was given by the secretariat and I received it from Jorge Briceño, who was the commander to whom I took orders.. That order was transmitted through me and was executed by a command of four people from the Antonio Nariño Urban Network, ”he said.

He stated that “the guidance came from him (‘Mono Jojoy’) and he informed Comrade Manuel Marulanda (…) I can tell you with all certainty that exclusively urban guerrillas from the RUAN participated in this event. Nobody else”.

Carlos Antonio Lozada indicated that “the FARC had two levels of structures, some militias, the best known; but it had professional guerrilla structures that few people knew about. Later, some of those who participated in the murder of Gómez Hurtado were killed by the Police. I think they managed to establish the facts there, but since they were killed, the State had to keep quiet. Faced with the murder and the barbarism that they committed with their companions, they tried to hide those facts and diverted attention ”.

He recalled that “by coincidence he was with the ‘Mono’ at the time the events occurred, in Guaviare. I had been called to a meeting of the Eastern Bloc General Staff, we were concentrating to go to a meeting with Manuel Marulanda. There we learned that the order that had been given had been carried out ”.

He also said that the decision to assassinate Gómez Hurtado “was taken from the foundation of the FarcIt is not that the order was given at that specific time, it is that the conditions were met at that time. In the context and in the dynamics of the war, there were plans of all the blocs and all the fronts on how to act against the Military Forces and those civilians who had had historical responsibility in the conflict. In this case, due to Gómez Hurtado’s speech, which was the trigger that embarked all of us in a 50-year war with hundreds of thousands of deaths and torture on all sides. To understand this fact, you have to be in the logic of war ”.

Assured that Four people participated in the murder of the politician and all are dead, because “intelligence agencies learned of the responsibility of the Antonio Nariño Urban Network and for that reason they tortured and disappeared two guerrillas who participated in the operation.”

Added that he hopes that “it is understood that we came to Congress as a result of the Peace Agreement, in recognition of our armed uprising. We gave up arms in exchange for political participation. It would not make sense for the Agreement to be questioned ”, this, after the question of the consequences that this fact may have for him as the current senator.

Expressed that the decision to remain silent for so many years “corresponds to the secretariat at that time. What I understand is that, seeing the scandal of the fight between sectors of power, the decision was made to keep it in reserve until the moment was considered. This deepened much more until we had two sectors of the dominant elite confronted without an explanation and now that we have delivered our version we are not believed ”.

Finally, he sent a message to the family of the conservative political leader.

“May they forgive us, may we find the time to sit down and listen to us. We have all the disposition to do it, we know that it will not be easy, I hope they listen to us ”.



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